The Navy Presence U.S

The United States military consists of five branches of service which are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. The Army, Navy and Airforce have fighter planes. However, only the Army and Navy have special forces that perform ‘black ops.” The U.S. Navy is infamous for their special operations teams which are formally known as the Navy Sea, Air and Land Team (SEAL) and their notorious air show performances with their F-14 and F-18 planes. Whether good or bad, the Navy gets publicized in the news for many of their actions or assignments.

They’re always ready when called upon and continue to improve in their skills in which other countries seem to have noticed. Although, the Navy is known for protecting and serving this country, they are also subject to having clouded judgement or making negligent decisions.

However, the main intentions of this organization are the responsibility to defend the country and to correct any Navy members that may make unfavorable decisions in the organization.

The Navy has multiple responsibilities and obligations that must be met from the government and many countries who call on the armed forces special skills for protection and support. An example of such an entreaty was from the country of Tunisia in North Africa in 2012 (Associated Press). The Tunisian Minister of Defense called on the United States Navy ‘for an increase in training and support ‘ due to the previous hostilities that have been occurring. Tunisia has been conflicting with the neighboring country of Libya and groups that seem to be “affiliated with al-Qaida.

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” The aggressive violence between Libya’s civil war and al-Qaida’s confrontations in Algeria have flowed into Tunisia. The Navy, being known for their support, received this request for assistance with their expertise capabilities.

Others might say that the Navy is careless and reckless. Two Navy Pilots from Strike Fighter Squadron 136 flew over the Bobby Dodd Stadium during a Georgia Tech game in 2010 (Faram). This event seemed to be an act of support for the football team as both of the pilots were alma maters of Georgia Tech, and fortunately there were no reported injuries or fatalities. The flight was only a few feet above the stadium which according to the article is against Navy regulation. However, even though this was an irresponsible act, the pilots, Lt Cmdr. Marc Fryman and Lt Cmdr.

Christopher Condon, took complete responsibility and came forward about the incident on their own. After the event, they were reassigned to ‘no flying jobs’ through a program called ‘Field Naval Aviation Evaluation Board.’ Although the Navy makes mistakes, they respond properly to fix issues to prevent it from happening again. The Navy SEAL’s have progressed greatly in their rescue abilities in Somalia since their “retreat” from a “failed peacekeeping mission” in which they “lost 18 Americans and two Black Hawk helicopters” in 1993. In 2012, President Obama received intelligence from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of two aid workers being held captive in North Central Somalia (A17). This area of Somalia had been watched closely by drones and multiple Naval vessels. Some people may say that the U.S. government delayed the arranged rescue mission by the Navy SEAL’s until they heard information that one of the hostages, Jessica Buchanan, health was declining due to kidney failure.

Additionally, government officials had to discuss the planning through various meetings before the mission was executed. However, as soon as the mission was approved, the Navy SEAL’s swiftly went into action and retrieved the hostages. Overall, our military force consistently faces various ordeals every day. The United States Navy has a history of displaying exceptional skills in many forms for our country. Other country’s such as Tunisia call on our Navy to assist them through significant conflict and frictions. Although no organization is perfect, the Navy does their part in disciplining their Sailors when careless decisions or actions are made. The successful rescue mission in 2012 in Somalia represented the progression of this organization compared to their prior rescues. The Navy continues to protect their vision to preserve lives and the welfare our country and allies.

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