Beautiful Appearance by Donna Leon Review

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Maggior Filippo Guarino from the Commissariat Maghera turns to the Questura in Venice. He is an expert in the field of organized crime specializing in environmental pollution. For a long time he has the waste transport in their sights. Export trucks that fruits and vegetables to northern Europe, are on the way back with toxic waste, loaded in extreme cases, radioactive material. The Camorra are visiting their “Chinese whispers”. Stefano knew Ranzato too much? He was shot in his office.

The respected businessman Maurizio Cataldo has a trucking company and a waste disposal company.

He belongs to the group of criminals? In the Venetian society it is considered in any case and a welcome guest, because he is married to thirty years younger Franca Marinello. So it enjoys Commissario Guido Brunetti that he can get to know Franca during a dinner party, Conte and Contessa Falier have loaded to his in-laws.

One day you find Maggior Filippo Guarino, fatally shot in the head, in petrochemical complex in Maghera.

What was he doing there? Brunetti is instructed by his boss, Vice-Questore Patta with the investigation.

If you read Donna Leon’s thrillers for years, knows that the criminal plot sometimes more, sometimes less exciting. In her eighteenth case “beautiful light” to the clarification of the crime climbs like a Efeugewächs through the novel, and indeed tended to carefully linguistically level. By logically convincing conclusion, the author cuts the obstructive wrong deep in the root from – until it once fresh green drive and a new edition, the nineteenth, will be …

It is awesome how an American readers the feeling of Venice, this unique city, mediated (in which she lives since 1981).

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to read their books is like a short holiday with visit to dear friends

The Brunetti family -. Guido, Paola (the charming feminist) and their well-behaved children – are dear to us. We like happy to accompany the inspector in the Questura! There we meet Signorina Elettra, the perfectionist – and without the Vice-Questore Patta the pleasure of these novels would be incomplete. He is the whipped milk in the latte macchiato. Again and again, he has personified modesty discreetly on his social relations, indicating his membership in the Lions Club and indeed the importance of his person. Everyone knows how hard he wears on his responsibility, and understand his relief when he are less important everyday transactions – can deport on Brunetti – such as police investigations in a criminal case. This, in turn, play the game with that role are the respectful with theatrical perfection and amused not only our readers.

A nice, light summer thriller!

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