"Secret temptation": Commissario Brunetti twenty seventh case of Donna Leon

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In November, when fog banks spread over the lagoon, St. Mark’s Square and Grand Canal appear in fahlerem light, the flow of tourists slacken, it is quiet in the streets, where to find again at night loneliness. The locals have again leisure for a chat, the clocks run slower.

Since commissario Guido Brunetti affects contemplation. Since just no pending investigations difficult, he can without pressure indulge his thoughts – about his profession, its social function, possibilities and limitations on fundamental issues such as the power of the rulers, laws and justice, guilt and punishment, perpetrators and victims.

Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone bleak as Schullektüre in his memory, it makes one think again. For Creon, the strict guardian of the law, forgiveness would be a debt betrayal of the common good. For Brunetti it is an enticement.

Donna Leon also reads as The Temptation of Forgiveness “in”  thoughtfulness and serious moods set the tone of Brunetti siebenundzwanzigstem case that glides on long distances in calm waters without the commissario (or us readers) would be a crime in the way and the nerves blank thought.

in his wanderings in the winding lagoon city where he finds any calle , every bridge, every address right away, Brunetti meet bill instead of being, human weakness rather than size at every turn. against temptations is also he himself is not immune – to trust to appearances, to draw hasty conclusions, the easy way to go to give inscrutable compl in his everyday, futile effort to justice in a ied become world.

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The commissario seems exhausted, ready for the retreat into privacy.

Because there is no other way in a thriller, begins a thriller plot, during which it Brunetti, rumors get with all sorts of crimes accusations to do, all of which cause no spectacle, but rather symptoms of our time represent professoressa , colleague of Brunetti’s wife Paola at the University , turns to the police because she feared that drugs would be sold at the prestigious private school that visited her son. Before the commissario can stretch its tentacles in the relevant circles, one finds the husband of the worried mother seriously injured at a bridge crossing. Has he been overthrown or pushed? Did he perhaps the temptation given way to address the issue itself, and has fallen into a dangerous scene?

The more mundane lure of money could not resist a pharmacist and a doctor. They prescribe recipes, he solves it, and victims of the refined staged illegal deals are sick patients. But Brunetti soon finds out what the medical examiner led them to engage in such a despicable business. Their heavy personal and family emergency hits him so deeply that he even tried to protect them from prosecution. Even more than in the previous volumes is not easy, not easy in this book.

In addition to the moral philosophy and cultural criticism reflections, which one because they are founded, like the following, and the detective story, they in a sense exemplified is the familiar staff the third pillar of reading pleasure (possible by the translation of Werner Schmitz). Like when you spotted the face of a relative at a family party, and has the same his whole being in mind, the mere mention is enough of a name on the page to know about it. A few strokes of the pen of the author outlines the essence of the character: Who is the “typical careerist in government services,” said is always “busy as he was,” owns “a black belt in the art of guilt or responsibility for failure to shift to other” Even the equally sensitive as disciplined Brunetti sees through his superiors vicequestore Patta up in the last dodges and knows how to deal with it. As long as it is not too much effort as him, he plays his submission to, and then undisturbed his own way to go.

As always, Brunetti’s ageless family a safe haven and a refuge of harmony for him. Wife Paola , literary scholar, dignified emancipated, gently but firmly, and that would have to be mathematically long since moved into their own house stands Chiara and Raffaele, the two patterns children. You communicate well maintained and has overcome with understanding and tolerance nor any cliff together. In service to the commissario are the sincere, thoughtful policemen Vianello and signorina Elettra, Pattas adorable beautiful secretary who silently mediates between all the camps and everything worth knowing somehow procured almost as soon as Brunetti she politely asks two reliable person available. By contrast, plays tenente Scarpa, Pattas protege, rather his own game.

The solid living conditions and be cultivated Outlet Brunetti peace and balance for his profession. Since Patta matter how much admonish or to rush pressure in a certain direction make the commissario takes the time it needs to research thoroughly explore all possible options, and he never loses composure. He skillfully turns in conversations and interrogations on one as opposed echoes him out of the forest, and there is even respectful, even obsequious or upheld decision.

As so often has Donna Leon, the world citizen educated and significant patron of Baroque music, her novel preceded by a motto that she has taken from a work of her favorite composer George Frideric Handel: “the law condemns, / spared love” (oratorio “Esther”). As always thrilled the book by fine drawing of the figures, cultured language, intellectual depth, thought-provoking in many directions.

The plot is embedded in philosophical, moral, literary, musical and contemporary references. Violent scenes there is not, this time no murder. Brunetti contributes almost never a weapon – “firearms only bring disaster,” the American author of conciseness. Equally clearly, they criticized the city policy of Venice, which permits the exuberant commercialism have destroyed the magic of the city soon will be, just as the cruise liner the grace of St. Mark’s Square and the centuries-old foundation piles of the palazzi . She herself is now moved to the Grisons.

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"Secret temptation": Commissario Brunetti twenty seventh case of Donna Leon
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