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Some knew it already getting better. not behind the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 put as you want officially to make us believe the terrorist network al-Qaeda, but, depending on the denomination of the conspiracy theorists, the government, the CIA or other powerful secret societies that are capable of a whole to lead the planet informative astray. to with the US-British justification strategy for the Iraq war from the fence break (Saddam possesses “weapons of mass destruction”!), the high official knitting was made a clever lies network socially acceptable.

was uncovered since this miserable dream, trust in elites has been shaken, and more and more people tend to prefer to rely on their feelings rather than “facts”.

With the consequent susceptibility to the public for sensational true revelations of the truth, no matter how outrageous, plays Leon de winter, by adding 9/11-Saga a ludicrous plot that this would have the stuff, even as abstruseVerschwörungstheorie in social networks to gather enthusiastic believers.

Too bad for amateur whistleblower: Now is the Political / agent / action thriller “Geronimo” already on the market, the original Dutch

Perhaps you have always known it: the documents allegedly prove charging the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin are a fake! Who is behind it? Specifically, the American Navy Seals special forces “Team 6” (ST6), which does the dirty work on the ground, but also cook their own thing. In the background, several intelligence agencies and politicians of several countries pull the strings. Not everything is perfect, like Leon de Winter reveals relentlessly.

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The core event is the nightly raid on May 2, 2011, the house in Abbottabad (Pakistan), which is as bin Laden had identified refuge. With helicopters and heavily armed men stormed the ST6-the estate and shoot, documented on film, Man. After Washington, she’s “Geronimo,” the code word for the success of their action. However, the dead man is not the al-Qaida leader, but a double. The one has previously deposited briefly in the house and the real “UBL” (Osama bin Laden) kidnapped to put him in the Hague. So the guys have certainly not done what they should have done, and there’s trouble …

For years, had lived in his’m walled hideout near the capital Islamabad shop. De Winter is characterized him as a happy man and responsible father of several children. If all cats are gray, UBL rattles – bifocals, long military coat, antediluvian helmet with ear flaps, baggy pants, sandals – on a rickety moped to a round open-hour grocery store and buys ice cream for the youngest and favorite of his three wives. To all desire to meet, walk a few blue pills in the cart. The chief terrorist is holding only a human being like you and me, the wash with strengths and weaknesses of the imperfect life.

He has every reason to be confident, be a USB stick since he calls self, which can set it with the help of Allah in a position to make the world to heel. The digital hardware pieces leads the author at first sides to incite our curiosity, but what is stored for secrets fact he revealed only at the end. More on that later.

The complex plot is carried by half a dozen protagonists who operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, the US, Germany and the Netherlands. Tell perspectives and places change accordingly, as well as the time frames. All these figures are broadly based, so also a dense network of biographies, characters, emotions and relationships that developed.

Of central importance is Tom Johnson, the son of two musicians. Rather than follow in their footsteps, as they wish, he will prefer to “professional fighter” against terrorism. In the Delta Force and the Special Activities Division of the CIA, he makes a career. After being seriously wounded in Afghanistan and lengthy rehabilitation it is used in 2009 in a former submarine base in North Carolina, where UBLs house rebuilt after the original plans in order ST6 can practice the Escalade. Not only physically but also mentally the forty-one in 2011 is drawn, since his little daughter Sarah in the terrorist attack in Madrid, in 2004 killed his wife Vera left him two years later and it then the terrible experiences during the Afghan mission ” Enduring freedom “traumatized.

at the time, he learned the thirteen Apana and her father Sadi know who interprets the camp. They are the only survivors of a massacre of Taliban. Like a miracle (and a bit cheesy) seems to it that Apana is of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, where Tom likes to regenerate in its container, charmed. Together, the two escape the cruel everyday life and their memories with the divine music in the coming months, “falling from the sky comes.” Apana absorbs the harmonies and rhythms, to draw a piano keyboard on paper and “played with Gould as they dance a pas de deux”. As Sadi killed and his daughter is kidnapped, Tom buys them a religious fundamentalists and corrupt drug dealers from, so that they can fulfill their dream in America and can be a pianist. But before it can be flown, overrun Taliban fighters the camp, kill the civilians, the Muslim child who sinned with Western music, hands and ears chop off.

For the second time she has run away. If you are so mangled a homeless beggar child fleeing a home? Ironically, Usama bin Laden reads Apana on a night when he is traveling with his moped. Henceforth, he hides it in his garage and takes good care of them – until the men from ST6 his philanthropy put an abrupt end. Boy next Jabbar observed the Escalade and can carry Apana to his mother Mariyam. The two dream of living in America sometime in freedom.

The struggle to escape, the search for a long time on. Leon de Winter returns with his professional verfertigten Thriller tough until going to the pain threshold reading material whose Knisterspannung is the story of Tom, Jabbar and Apana a highly emotional counterpart. Apart is the overall structure of the novel, of that of the Goldberg Variations is purely modeled outwardly: two parts, each with fifteen variations (here, chapters), to a respective Aria as initiation and completion (here: two telephone calls as prologue and epilogue).

One of the most questionable aspects of this book is what the author defines as alleged in fact UBLs hands. If you do not mind to learn this little detail in advance instead of only on page 342, you read here </ i> the mystery on his USB stick and what I think. The documents on the USB flash drive that Barack Obama is a devout Muslim and his Christianity merely a cleverly staged fake in order to gain power. Thus the President of the United States is vulnerable to blackmail. The fatal at this idea that Donald Trump had him and ausschlachtete the dirty lie for his campaign propaganda. Literary freedom and political infamy have followed the same ugly way here.

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