The following sample essay on questionnaire was conducted outside a local newsagents. People were randomly selected as they left the shop. A lot of people refused to complete the questionnaire. It took 45 mins for all 10 questionnaires to be completed. I feel the results signify a lot in the marketing of Herbal Tea. The analysis of the questionnaires shows that no one under the age of 15 took part in the questionnaire. I feel this is may-be due to the fact that they would have been attending school.

It should not make much difference to the promotion of the Herbal Tea as I think the market would not be directed to under 15’s. I think under 15’s would not buy herbal tea, although maybe it should have been wise to conduct the questionnaire at non-school hours, so as to prove that most under 15’s would not be interested in Herbal Tea. The questionnaire shows that 6 people were female and 4 were male. I feel that this is so because more females were willing to complete the questionnaire than men were.

If the questionnaire were conducted with using half female and half males, maybe the results would have been slightly different and more efficient for the marketing of Herbal Tea. Seven out of 10 people said they drink coffee tea regularly. This question was asked in order to find out what percentage of the market drinks tea coffee, in order to aim the promotion at these individuals who already drink hot drinks for relaxation or taste.

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8 out of 10 people have previously drank herbal tea, this shows that when marketing herbal tea, the majority of consumers will have already tried herbal tea, therefor we wish to aim the market at promoting herbal tea in a unique and new means, so as to encourage the people whom have previously tried it to convert to Elderberry flavour, and to convince them of trying this new flavour which is unlike the herbal tea, which they have previously tried and have abandoned. Question five was a very vital question in the marketing of Elderberry Herbal Tea. 8 out of 10 people did like the taste of the tea. This is a good amount for the successful promotion, and selling of Elderberry Herbal Tea. 8 out of 10 people is 80% which is a very satisfactory amount but we must promote ElderBerry Tea and look into adding more less flavours in order to satisfy the 20% of people whom did not like the taste and try to have 100% of people liking the taste.

Question six was all so one of the most important questions, as ElderBerry tea will be marketed to those whom already drink tea coffee and to try convince them to change to the more natural alternative of ElderBerry Herbal Tea. 6 out of 10 people said that they would convert to ElderBerry tea after tasting. This too is also a good total. It is 60% again we must use promotion and advertisement to increase this percentage. 4 out of 10 people were aware of the medical benefits which is good, because the marketing of the product is designed to inform all consumers about the medical benefits of herbal tea, which they have not previously know. 6 out of 10 people would buy a box of 12 sachets of herbal tea for 50p-2.00, 3 would pay 3.00 and one person designed their own amount on the questionnaire, which was 10.00. This is quite unsatisfactory result in the marketing of ElderBerry Tea. It shows that people are not willing to pay a lot for 12 sachets.

This would create quite a problem for the producers, as it is necessary to earn a good profit with the implementation of Elderberry Herbal Tea on to the market. 8 out of 10 people were unaware of ElderBerry Herbal Tea prior to the tasting. This shows that there is already a market for ElderBerry Tea, although I feel that this market maybe abroad and not in Ireland, as I recall two participants being British. It can be concluded that the introduction of Elder Berry Herbal Tea, would be of benefit and of profit making to the co-op. The co-op are progressing and are quite successful at present therefore they have can afford to advance to the next level of their businesses by introducing a new product. The research conducted has proved that the Elder Berry herbal tea will be quite a successful product because of the growing demand of herbal tea from consumers. The Product of Elder Berry is by far the most obvious ingredient to use, because of its medical benefits, colds and flu relief and unique and rich taste. Herbal medicine and teas have become most popular with the consumer, and is growing each day, so the elderberry tea would be introduced to a demanding market. Elderberry Tea is a quick and alternative cure for colds, flu and illnesses. It has been tested and has proven to relieve symptoms faster than Lemsip and Beechams.

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