Outside Influences on the Media Worldwide

Last night in Baghdad. the six oclock news anchor on channel two reported that the filthy Americans were trying to declare a Holy War on the entire Muslim nation. The media is biased when reporting information. Internationally, the media is usually influenced by political regimes. On a national level. the media will often adopt political points of View. Even locally, the media chooses to report news that supports the point of View of their ownership. One year ago today, John Brown was in the Persian Gulf onboard the United States Ship Cowpens.

John, who is a medical doctor, went ashore to a small island known as Bahrain. As he was walking to a restaurant in town. he saw a little boy With his leg caught between the bumper of a car and a wall.

There were many people standing around. and a man kept yelling that his brakes did not work. John knew instinctively that the boy needed immediate medical attention.

He made a quick decision to carry the boy the two blocks back to the ship. When John arrived at the ship. he was forced by the damage to the boys leg to amputate it irom the knee down. John saved the boys life. The next day. the local newspaper had a front»page headline that loosely translated into English as AMERICAN DOCTOR STEALS LOCAL BOYS LEG FOR SCIENCE EXPERIMENT. The fact that John decided to help a little boy in trouble was turned into a diplomatic problem by the bias of an international media outlet and the American Doctors side of the story was never told.

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Another example of this behavror can be illustrated in Russia during the Cold War years.

At that time, Russias primary news communicator was a newspaper entitled Pravda. All stories printed II’I Pravda were scrutinized for content by the communist government before they were allowed to be included in the daily newspaper. Again bias is demonstrated in the international media. Recently. the national media has taken sides on political issues. During the broadcast of the ABC Nightly News two years ago. Peter Jennings questioned vote counting in the state of Florida. He implied that the counting of votes in that state might have been incorrect because the Governor of that state was related to one of the Presidential candidates, This was clearly an opinion. and not was not the objective reporting of information. Another circumstance that is reported nationally on a daily basis is the September 11 tragedy of last year.

The national media ignores the fact that the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) had information pertaining to the attack prior to it happening. The lead story from the incident is usually related to the White House policy of bringing the country together and declaring war on terrorism. Although it is not wrong. it is extremely political not to mention the FBIs mistake. The owner of the Los Angeles Times is a person with liberal ideas and belongs to the democratic political party. The newspaper always adopts the viewpoint of the owner in editorial anicles, A good example of this is the fact that the paper has not endorsed a conservative or republican political party candidate for mayor of Los Angeles in the last twenty years. This theory can also be demonstrated in publications owned by private interests. The Philadelphia Eagles football team owns a paper called Eagles Digest. The reporters that work for this newspaper also work for the team that they are reporting on, and they never report any adverse information about the team.

An example of this would be when the team released a middle linebacker named Jeremiah Trotter after this past season. His peers elected him as the teams defensive Most Valuable Player for the last two years. The only article in Eagles Digest about the subject declared that Jeremiah Trotter would have been a problem in the locker room this upcoming year. Given his past behavror and performance, a logical person would predict othenrvise. Whether it is a foreign government. our own government. or a private owner or interest group, there are many influences on the media. These influences make it impossible for the media to deliver objective opinions. The theory of all media being biased is true and will continue to be so until there is nobody left in the shadows with a hidden agenda.

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