ICC World Cup Is a Worldwide Famous Event

The following sample essay on “ICC World Cup Is a Worldwide Famous Event”: describing important factors of ICC World Cup and It’s social meaning.

ICC World Cup is a worldwide famous event. The host country gets the chance to provide the best hospitality to the guests coming from all over the world. Our objective is to plan and organize monitoring program, develop indicators and implement it to collect data. It will help to evaluate and monitor change in the tourism sector.

Monitoring is important for host communities to know how tourism is affecting their livelihood; for industries to know the latest demand in tourism sector and business prospects; for local governments to figure out how it is affecting local development goal and for the national government to know how it is contributing economically and socially and to national development goal.

Monitoring program will be carried out by teams from the public sector as municipal authorities, national and state-level tourism department, environment and health department; private sectors as tourism and trade organizations, tour operators and travel agencies, transportation agencies, accommodation facilities and lastly NGOs and local tourism bodies.

Economic analysis will be based on the average wage rate at host cities in the tourism sector, number of local people employed during event, revenue generated by tourism during event and %GDP contribution by tourism sector. For primary analysis before event, we will start the census by 2021. Collection of data and analysing the data will be done before 2022. After World Cup, again the data will be collected and analysed by 2024.

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Environmental analysis will be based on factors as number of hotels with environmental policy, recycling system, water management system, energy consumption rate of hotels, number of days of staying of tourists at a city. This data will be collected by the end of 2022 for primary analysis and supervision. Again, data will be collected during the world cup to monitor the implementation.

Societal analysis will be based on number of women/men as a % of total employment, gender equality and training programme given to them. This data will be collected during event.

The analysed economic data and reports will be submitted to finance department of Government and the reports made based on surveys will be submitted to local municipality, state tourism department and national tourism department for further analysis and actions.

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ICC World Cup Is a Worldwide Famous Event
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