Conducting an Interview With Janice Who Suffers From Alzheimer Disease


I conducted an interview with Janice who is a caregiver to patients who are suffering from Alzheimer disease. She is currently 36 years old and she has been involved with Alzheimer patients for the last ten years where she has been able to handle varying cases of patients. Her responses were very crucial on effective understanding of the Alzheimer condition especially the engagement process considering the fact that individual who suffer from Alzheimer condition tend to suffer from memory loss and are overly dependent on the services of a caregiver.

Thus, the interview was very successful considering the high level of experience from my interviewee.

  1. Where was the interview conducted and what was the setting? Were there other people


The interview was conducted in an open environment where the interview was conducted over the lunch period considering the fact that she has a busy schedule where she deal with different care centers which depend on her expertise in order to deliver quality services to the Alzheimer disease patients.

There were no people around who could influence the interview progress. We selected a very secluded place where she was able to relax and pay full attention to my questions that wanted a relaxed mind in order to have a successful interview that was educative in different aspects. The interview was conducted in an informal manner in order to ensure that she was able to provide different levels of understanding as long as the objectives of the interview were achieved.

  1. How long did the interview last?

The interview lasted for a thirty minutes where I was able to exhaust my questions as well as have a greater focus on general statements from the interviewee which were very informative and provided a very different dimension that the one that I had considered taking even though the outcome of the interview process was achieved.

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  1. What was the “mood” of the person you interviewed?

Janice was very lively and highly interactive throughout the interview process that was very significant during the interview process. She was a very nice person to interact with especially considering the fact that she did not have an superiority attitude and look down upon but took the interview very seriously since she knew that the information that she was providing will be able to inspire others since I recorded the conversation for reference. The mood of an interviewee plays a key role in getting a positive focus and understanding under which the objectives of the interview can be achieved considering the fact that there was need for explanation on some of the questions, which I had included in the interview. The whole process was very interesting due to the interviewee’s positive mood.

  1. How smoothly did it go overall?

The interview process was very smooth. The interviewee did not act as a know it all person and did not find my questions offensive due to her position and her role in trying to improve the society through offering services to Alzheimer patients where majority of them are elderly. She was very talkative throughout the whole interview that was advantageous to me since she was able to provide me with a lot of crucial information, which has had a significant impact on my understanding on the role of caregivers and what they go through in ensuring that everyone feels wanted within the community.

  1. What about the interview struck you most?

Being a caregiver is more than just a career but an individual must have passion to help others. The detailed responses that the interviewee was providing struck me most since she wanted to ensure that I understand every point that she was giving considering her professional life and the need to have positive interaction with others despite their age, gender or position in the society. She concluded the interview by asserting that we need each other to live harmoniously. This has been a key issue that that has stuck in my mind.

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