"Oligarch" by Author Of Thrillers And Spy Novels Daniel Silva

The word “oligarch” comes from the Greek and refers to the literal sense “one of a few rulers”. But mostly it means by that a business boss who dominates because of its wealth a country unofficially – and thinking of Russia. There also plays Daniel Silva’s eighth spy thriller whose plot continues to his bestseller “The Moscow plot” of of 2010.

The eponymous oligarch’s Ivan Kharkov, is one of the most feared men in Russia, Stalin revered and owes his fortune billion arms trade with terrorist regime and inhuman dictators who are outlawed by international boycott.

provided with the blessing of corrupt Russian prime minister, he needs to fear prosecution. To his personal safety, he is surrounded former by a group of KGB agents who do the dirty work for him opponents he has but even in his inner circle. His wife Elena is acting against him – and thus sets their lives. Kharkov is heavily weakened and taken personally by Gabriel Allon, the top agents of the Israeli secret service Mossad.

In collaboration with the British and American intelligence he helps Elena and two children to flee to the West. Here Allon, the otherwise ruthless killer makes, but a serious mistake: He lets Kharkov alive, and now he has to fear his vengeance. Already knew that Machiavelli five hundred years ago: “a violation be added Must a man it should be so severe that his vengeance is nothing to fear.” This wisdom Silva has not preceded his novel as a motto for nothing …

Before Kharkov people are vorknöpfen Allon, yet others have to serve.

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First, they kidnap a very shabby trick dissidents and ex-agents Bulganow. Formerly been Kharkov confidant, he had but then betrayed and financially badly damaged and now felt in London too sure be presented to the public, was working on an investigative book against the Soviets. Traitor expected the maximum penalty in these circles: horrific torture, shot in the neck, then burying in an unmarked hole in the ground. This is Gabriel Allon deeply, because he had promised Bulganow that he would never end up like this.

Then it goes Allon to the collar, while Kharkov sets the whole. As the largest printing means he can kidnap Allons Chiara and thus has a pledge that he will only return in barter against his two children as he lets us know Allon through his middlemen.

What seems so as a simple plot Daniel Silva has woven into a tough, highly complex spy thriller with many locations and actions. The author leaves us readers into another world immerse themselves: that of heavily armed security services and the autonomous intelligence agencies – MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad, KGB – with their own rules and laws. Whether in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, the Soviet Union, we encounter only people who are polarized obviously completely different from all the ordinary people around them.

For many years they serve in secret their country, defend, secure politicians and their global summit, no matter the identity and the methods used. Their training has made them functioning machines that are ready for use at any time and, if it serves the cause, can torture and kill unimaginable without restraint. The agents per working of all countries to international location times together, sometimes against each other. They have relations up to the highest political office, they lie, cheat, lubricate it with a lot of money to develop most sophisticated plans.

In Silva’s novel, directed all actions -. Under Allons line with his Israeli team – against Russians. Deeply rooted their hatred, had massacred since Stalin’s henchmen thousands of Jews in the cruelest massacres. Today Russians threaten Israel’s existence by leaving grant obviously terrorist groups cover or support – as Kharkov machinations involving brutality as the captures Chiara and Bulganows. In the relentless defense Allon and his men also react with extreme measures, torture and kill sadistic. The reader, extreme under the spell power, perceives this as correct, justified and equitable.

But me of to perfection designed spy thriller about the oligarchs brought to ponder how easy it is one side -. Of the ” good “- admits the worst criminal acts and exactly the same activities on the opposing side – that of the” evil “- condemned in the strongest terms. After morality and humanity should not ask when it comes to international conflicts…

As for the literary design, reader, we wish our course of a thriller that he thrillt us captivates so emotional; this we have to identify, can cheer on the protagonists by feeling valleys and heights – and take for this purpose must be an author for a page party to draw us there. With justice, fairness and morality has nothing to do.

Best-selling author Daniel Silva captivates the reader, in fact, from the first to the last page of a consistently calm, unagitated language style. Those who love this genre, is entertained. His main protagonist, the Israeli Gabriel Allon may be the killing machine, but also equipped with a human face. With devotion he visited his first wife, who lives in a completely apathetic psychiatry since the murder of their son. With his second wife Chiara he would gladly withdraw into the private sphere, raise a child and only his hobby of restoring old oil paintings devote. But when his country calls for him, he remains loyal willing to self-abandonment. ? Will there be a next time.

“Oligarch” leaves of themes and motifs to be desired nothing: corruption, mafia, extortion, brutality, coolness, betrayal, love, faithfulness … The activities of the secret services are down to the smallest details very well researched and thought out and logically tells convincing. Fascinated, we learn, has something to offer high-tech, to locate the enemy, then to monitor him around and listen. We have no reason to doubt the authenticity: In that other world, it will probably go the way described, if not worse…

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"Oligarch" by Author Of Thrillers And Spy Novels Daniel Silva
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