Robinson Crusoe is a novel by the English writer Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe was born in 1632. He leads an easy and calm life. His boy wants to explore the universe and a canvas across the entire universe. In a day, he goes to the seaport and goes to the ship. The ship gets caught right in the storm, but all members of the ship are safe. When he is back on the seashore, he has a pickaxe: or he goes further on his canvas journey. He chose the latter option and went with the captain of the ship to the sailor.

On the way, they are raided by plagiarists. Robinson Crusoe – from this video the slave of the captain of the plagiarists.

After two years, he comes up with a timetable for leaving the captain. On the voyage, he threw the captain into the ocean and participates in the ship that he is the captain of the ship. After a long clip, they arrive in Brazil. Their Robinson Crusoe sells his boat and starts with a plantation.

After a short clip, he settles down with his plantation. Besides this clip, the ship gets into trouble and capsizes. Robinson Crusoe is a lonely survivor of the accident and sailed to a neighboring island. Every twenty-four hours he returned to the boat because it did not fall. From the wood of the boat, he builds a raft. He also picked up nutrients, clothing, and tools. The boat sank after 12 years.

On the Island, he builds a cave site. He built a fence and made tabular rows of chairs for his house.

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Twenty-four hours later, his caveman earth worshiper and he must look for another topographic point where he can jump off. He wants to get to the other side of the island and therefore builds a canoe out of wood. After five years, the canoe is finally ready. After 11 years, he discovers a trail that he cannot recognize. 7 years later, he also discovers human castanets. He is building a stronger fence around his house. After 24 years, he saw the cannibals for the first time. There are 2 victims on their boat. Upon arrival, one of the victims tries to escape, but three cannibals chase the victim. One of the pursuers stops after the will and returns, and the other pursuers are killed by Robinson Crusoe. He called the victim Friday. He taught him to speak English, and that Robinson the English Crusoe is his boss, and that cannibalism is really bad. They became friends. A couple of years later, the cannibals again arrive with two victims. Now Friday and Robinson Crusoe have killed all the cannibals and saved the victims. One of the victims is Friday’s male parent.

Robinson Crusoe orders them to board the ogres canoe and get some help. After 8 years, they return with a huge ship. The ship’s crew is English. Robinson Crusoe asked them what had happened and they replied that it was a mutiny. Friday went to the Forest with some of the crew and made them get lost. The rest of the crew were killed. The four men, Robinson Crusoe, Friday, Friday’s male parent and a Spaniard, returned to England on a ship of English workers. So, after about 28 years, Robinson Crusoe returned to England.

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Robinson Crusoe is a novel by the English writer Daniel Defoe
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