My Understanding of the Advertising World After Watching The Persuaders

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After watching The Persuaders, l have gained a thorough understanding of the advertising world and how advertisers have and continue to persuade consumers. Some advertisers have failed when it came to their advertising strategies like the Song airline in 2004. In comparing advertising strategies of 2004 to advertising strategies of 2016, they have similarities and differences Today many major companies like P & G, Ford, and IBM pay large amounts of money to marketing consultants like Gilbert Clotaire Rapaille who advocates emotional marketing, to appeal to consumer’s reptilian brain rather than intellectual brain.

Highly sought after political consultant like Frank Lutz believes in the “method of persuasion”, using certain words to appeal to consumers Delta Airlines subsidiary airline, Song, believed in the idea of emotional marketing and started developing a brand meaning Their brand meaning became Song became an adjective to employees, often referring to themselves as being so Song. Their advertising strategy was to connects too consumers emotionally by being enthusiastic.

However, Song airlines didn’t last for long.

Parent company Delta were on the verge of bankruptcy which cut Song’s marketing budget drastically. In addition, though Song had delivered a strong brand identity, many consumers were confused on what their advertisements were actually for as well which airline were the advertisements for. They failed on making their advertisements clearer. In comparing advertising of 2004 and 2016, there were similarities and differences in advertising strategies. In 2004, it all became about emotional marketing. Avast majority of companies of companies had the epiphany to sell their products through emotional marketing, trying to make consumers make connections and identify with their brand, Today, advertising has changed however still uses emotional marketing to appeal to consumers.

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Advertising today has become a second entity, it is everywhere; advertisers market through TV shows and movies by having displaying their product, No matter where you go, you’ll most likely see an advertisement. An advocator for emotional marketing, marketing consultant Gilbert Clotaire Rapaille believes that 80% our decisions are emotional and only 20% are based on logici With that notion, Rapaille pushes companies to appeal to consumer’s reptilian brain rather than intellectual brains I believe this logic makes absolute sense If 80% of our decisions are emotional then advertisers should be marketing their products emotionally so consumers can connect to them. Logic doesn‘t appeal as much as one’s emotionr Frank Lutz has been a highly sought after political consultant based on his successful methods of persuasion through language, Interchanging words has become a popular fashion in politics. Lutz explained that instead of saying estate taxes, he says death taxes to make it more clear on what it actually is, I believe his method is brilliant because words can give a strong meaning and using that to persuade consumers is successful in things like political campaigns. These advertising methods has changed our political system because majority of political campaigns use this method.

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