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When it comes to J Cole or also know by his full name Jermaine Cole, he is an absolute mastermind. J Cole possesses the heroic quality of courage to face the problems of our society that people choose not to care about. Every song that J Cole makes hits harder to the soul then a bat hitting a baseball. His words and flow make you think and see life differently in so many perspectives. The music has meaning and so deep, deeper then Mariana Trench and that’s deep.

The flow of the song is important, but Cole invests his time in the message of his songs.

My Favorite Song by J Cole would have to be Runaway. In this song alone he talks about personal, spiritual, and social issues about relationships and much more. At the beginning of the song J Cole States, “used to living free as a bird, but now I’m laid up Feeling like I got handcuffs on”.

With this one-line J Cole says there are so many people who so call love their girl but think there not ready yet. As he says used living free as a bird, being able to do what they please with out cheating. Many people are trapped and feel stuck like some glue in a relationship. Their doing the wrong things behind their partners back so they won’t know but can’t tell them because it would kill them. That’s were the feeling trapped like handcuffs come from.

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Later in the song J Cole also says, “The preacher says we were made in image of Lord To which I replied: ‘Are you sure? Even the murderer? Even the whore? When I heard this, it had me thinking on so much. We are made in the image like god. So that means we all should be perfect like god but that’s not the case. J Cole questions the preacher about whores and murders as if they are like god as well. We all can’t be perfect like the blue sky that we see every day. Were all humans and we all do things that are not right and we all make mistakes. So how can we be an image of God if we are not perfect. J Cole really question himself with that verse.

Threw out this song the metaphors and thought process just keeps getting better. “At age 3 I knew this world was as three below Listen, even know my ego low achieved the unachievable. Imagine if my confidence was like halfway decent.” Age 3 was when he already knew the world was hard and colder then a block of ice. Life isn’t easy some have to walk others are roller skating. At the end of the day were all going at are own pace. When J Cole talks about his ego for everyone you realize what he’s talking about. We all dove things that we didn’t have much confidence about, but we still did it and was able to complete it. If we can still do it with just low confidence imagine what we can do with only halfway confidence the possibilities are endless.

Eventually Cole brings up an old topic of history which we still talk about till this day with this line J Cole says. “Wise words from an indecent man Made me reflect on the times when we were like three-fifths of them in chains and powerless, brave souls reduced to cowardice.” This had to be the strongest line in the song. Obviously during the slavery times African Americans were considered 3/5th of a man not even a full person. He is reflecting on the past with the issues going on in everyday life. In the united states slavery isn’t an issue anymore. But he’s referring things that are almost like it like: being in a relationship and feeling trapped like a slave with no freedom, People working in factory’s and much more they are working like slaves. Theses braves souls taken and now confined to being cowards.

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