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Do you like to have amazing meal experience? Have you ever eaten in a floating restaurant? My favorite restaurant is NIDO, actually it is a hotel restaurant in Mexico. I have just gone there once when I was on a trip and in my opinion it is perfect place to eat a delicious, fresh, unique meal. NIDO is the wonderful floating restaurant that shaped like a giant birds nest can be seen in nature located in a Mexican hotel. I like it because it proffers stunning environment and delicious dishes.

Concept design

Firstly, the concept design of this restaurant is inspired of the nest and that means in Mexican language. It has roof shaped as a hollow sphere it is like a huge egg and it covered by big strips that look like twigs that birds use for make their nest and Used suitable and right materials. The roof is my favorite as it gives special and unbelievable pattern when sun is shining, the shadows make surprising texture that are orphic.

the interior design of NIDO is unbelievably simple and use one neutral color for designing inside because white provides calm and purity and good for relaxation. The furniture dose not emulate with the roof pattern, indeed complete the space and create a suitable combination. Inside there are lots of round tables of white stone and a long rectangular table in the middle of it. It is also has white comfortable sofas. At night has good view because of professional and particular lighting so makes unforgettable scene like scenes you just saw in movies

Good food

Secondly, When you see it you know you can expect good food that was cooked with fresh, organic and local ingredient it offers a great dining experience and the beautiful sight-seeing both outdoors and indoors is breathtaking the delicious dishes with special design create by professional and kind chef that care about their costumers and make tasty food is laudable and the nimble staffs that you will get warm welcome from one of them so make it worth visiting place.

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The different dishes is another particular factor makes it unique the sea food in this restaurant is truly the best one I have ever eaten in my whole life. The rich smells of smoky fish and their tomato soup makes you feel hungry. The restaurant offers several creative desserts with special design that ıs similar to scene of nature in smaller scale. It is so beautıful and it is like a painting canvas and also tastes of paradise

Whether you are looking for somewhere new to have a trip in addition get some great food with amazing experience of floating, I suggest you NIDO, you will feel amazing and enjoy some good cooking. I, in fact, liked staying at this hotel and use the restaurant and wish to return again.

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