Letter of Appliance for Advertising in Art and Academy University

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My career goal is ultimately to become a successful account planner that could work in different varieties of advertising firms and companies. Advertising nowadays is an ever-growing field that consists new advertising opportunities opening up all the time. Every career that involves advertising does require related experience or knowledge before entering the field. Therefore, I believe the most ideal way to achieve my goal is to gain more knowledge in advertising, which is pursue a Master‘s degree in Advertising at Academy and Art University.

This is the only way that I could develop insightful and technical advertising knowledge; in addition, getting familiar with nowadays real world of advertising challenges, I earned a bachelor‘s degree from Ohio University with a major in Retail Merchandising This major helps me to develop more in-depth knowledge and understanding on the retail industry today.

Not only talking about what the fashion trend is now, but also deeply interprets how to make a retail business success by managing the store design, observing consumer behaviors, and most importantly comprehending how a product can be sold effectively by implementing compelling advertising Academy and Art University’s Advertising master program can help me to build upon my retailing skills in developing and focusing on creative strategy of advertising, which is what I am thinking to choose as my area of specialization.

Creative strategy focuses on discovering the insights into the consumer that sell products. A successful advertisement can encourage and persuade individuals of the products or businesses. The idea of pursuing a master‘s degree in Advertising was came from while I was working as a sales professional at Kate Spade New York; this job truly allows me to think of my future career.

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The time I exactly found Advertising is the major that I would like to obtain was when Kate Spade New York launched out it first fragrance, By that time, our store had a huge meeting with another store in New York City before the fragrance was out on the market. The director of the marketing team and the district manager were both here to reveal this exciting news; moreover, the marketing director presented the fragrance introduction video from Deborah Lloyd who is the President and Chief Creative Officer of Kate Spade New York. The video explained how this fragrance idea came from, how it is made of, how are we going to sell it, what the marketing strategy plans are, and how the fragrance advertisements are going to present The successful advertisement Kate Spade New York has for the fragrance motivates me the most to pursue this Advertising master degree I was so inspired by the efficient and well- planned marketing team due to they provided such an effective advertising strategy so once the new fragrance was out; we could have a profitable sales in our first ever fragrance in the company.

The reason why I would like to continue my master’s degree in Advertising in Art and Academy University is because I believe this program can teach me foundational skills first, then develop my technical skills in the specialization that I choose, which is Creative Strategy. Since I did not have lots of advertising skills, the most ideal way to help me gain more knowledge from the basic level is to acquire the understanding in theoretical of advertising first, then build upon the basic skills to the professional level, I consider the courses that Art and Academy of University offering in Advertising will be the best choice for me to obtain the knowledge in advertisement; especially, in the courses of Creative Strategy It contains different perspective of strategies in advertising, which is why I would like to continue my master degree in Advertising from Art and Academy of University I believe Art and Academy of University is the best place for me to further my advanced degree to achieve my career goal, and I am confident thatjoining such real-experience courses will best build upon my work experience and extend my abilities, Lastly, I am truly enthusiastic in understanding more on how to apply the creative strategies to the real world of advertising industry; i believe AAU’s Advertising has such wonderful courses and faculties in the program will help me to accomplish my career goal.

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