The Best Advertising of The University

Steven Salzberg takes a debatable position in “Get Football Out of Our Universities” by guarding reasons why he considers football should not be prioritized over education. Although I am not a fan of football, I found Salzberg’s inflection and style to be arrogant and displeasing. To persuade his readers, his tone is solid in a note of his dislike towards football players. I felt that for his writing to be an argumentative piece, he should have used more logic to support his argument.

College football is very important to lovers of football. Though there are many good arguments about banning football, the opposers do not consider the situation of the players. Although the antagonists focus on academics, they do not look at the hard work, dedication, and commitment that football players put into football. These players do not get paid for their dedication to this sport. They are putting their time, blood, sweat, and tears into a sport that is risky and that they love.

In the case of Salzberg, his main point is that the study of science is critical for the growth of technology and development. The reason for his article is to focus on the significance of the study of science. Sports do not help in these departments, and he feels as if it has become a barrier to educating accurate thinking and attentiveness among students. The universities also urge the importance of sports at the expense of the study of science by spending a lot of money on football.

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Football has an outstanding purpose by attracting more students to school. A significant number of students are football players; therefore, the student rate would most likely decrease if football was banned. Despite the resources football takes up, it is very essential to any university.

In my opinion, the author’s claim of logic and pathos is clear, but it is not a fascinating argument, because it does not include an analysis of the advantage of sports. In addition, eliminating football would stop many who give funds to both the academic and athletic fields from doing so. Moreover, ‘Why is football chosen?’ Is basketball, cross-country, etcetera somehow a better sports department? Even fewer student-athletes hold interest in these other college sports than college football. Moreover, getting rid of college football will also make it useless to play high school football. Why play high school football if there is no future in it? Not only that, no high school student is mentally and physically prepared to go straight into the NFL. The first documented football game was rivaled between Rutgers College and Princeton University on November 6, 1869, which took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Since then, football has been a major portion of American culture. From the National Football League to small leagues such as Pee-Wee Football, Fantasy Football, Flag Football, and more. College football is where it is at, not the NFL or high school. Salzberg’s article is absurd rather than beneficial to his point.

Also, is it a good idea to get rid of a multi-billion-dollar corporation? College football is one of the major sports that is seen as the best source for advertising a university. Getting rid of this would remove university alumni and those who are big on college football. Many players obtain scholarships that are not receiving a weak education and differently would not have the funds to attend college. This debate about whether college football is not in universities should end because there is no logical support to be against football of this nature. There is nothing involved with universities that motivates a student body or alumni support like football. The debate can continue about the barrier that football puts up against education, but in the eyes of the public, it faints in contrast to the recognition football develop.

Education other than football holds no value. Many young men take college football to the heart. Large amounts of these young men fail to go to the big leagues; therefore, their minor careers in these universities last only three or four years. Why take that little time from them? Then they go into the workforce with little to no education, no clout, and of course no future. Football boosts the perception of universities and gives them a higher profile. Football can carry out an appreciative role in universities if handled correctly.

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