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The Sea Stallion Swimming Academy is in the process of opening operation and is continuously taking on new challenges. To help in the adaptation of new challenges and experiences a plan is needed. The following report is an outline of future actions needed, by examining and identifying future needs.


Purpose The Sea Stallion Swimming Academy is dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life for CO-OP CITY citizens through the provision of water orientated recreational opportunities. Goals Provide safe, enjoyable aquatic experiences.

Provide educational opportunities for users. Ensure accessibility to all CO-OP CITY citizens.

Involve CO-OP CITY citizens in the Aquatic Center program development and implementation. Identify the needs of user groups and potential users.

• Provide a clean, well maintained environment for users.

• Ensure the promotion of all programs.


A. Historical Background The Truman High School swimming pool when it was built housed an Olympic-sized competition pool then closed in 1995 due to rotting pipes, was renovated and reopened in January, 2012 but only a 25 meter version was built.

The major challenge this year will be finding the right price range to charge for our services since the citizens of this neighborhood tend to struggle finically. The first month of this of our operations we will be focusing on getting word of mouth by giving lessons to the elementary students free of charge in order to show our commitment to giving back to the community. As we all know the beginning of a business has no guarantees but to change a child or adults life by teaching them the skill of swimming is priceless.

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Another obstacle we face is the development of this marketing plan. Through the development of this plan, improvements relating to programming, facility appearance and public customer service will be made.

Things that must be taken into consideration that affect the running of an indoor pool compared to an outdoor pool are:

1. Programs 1) Program opportunities and attendance increase because the weather factor is eliminated

2) The competition between programming and prices of the facility becomes an increased factor compared to other indoor facilities.

3) Program planning, implementation, evaluation, follow up and structure become the means to the success of programs.


1) Staff costs increase because: operation season is longer staff are no longer seasonal Attendance increase calls for more staff hours.

2) Staff market is increased from high school students to include the working person.

3) Number of staff required increases because of longer operation season.

4) The supervisory staff hours and number increase to keep the efficiency of pool administration, allow for program structure, and increase promotion of the facility.

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