A Search on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs

A few days ago I went to the Air force Academy in Colorado Springs. It was fun to be there for only a few days, but I am not sure I want to live there for four years, since there isn’t much to do. I’ve been thinking of joining one the military services but I don’t know which one. I already have some pretty basic knowledge about each service and I think it is enough to say that I have narrowed it down to only two services: The United States Air force (USAF) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

On this paper I will research through several sources such as: Internet, brochures and recruiters. Finding information about the Air Force will be an easy task. Since I belong to Air Force Junior Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) unit in my school. As for getting information about the Marines shouldn’t be such a hard task since, I already have tons of information about them.

I started by getting an interview with Major Michael Sparr, my instructor (Major Sparr, Interview) and asked him a few questions. He said that Athe services pay the same amount of money depending on rank, the education benefits are almost the same. And most important he said: Alf you like a challenge, and to be pushed until I can give no more then I should join the Marines. But if you like a challenge that was mostly mental and intellectual then I should the Air Force.

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After that I went to search the Provo High School Library for written sources and I didn=t find very much that would help m on my decision on which service to join. The all of the books I found weren’t of very much help since all them talked about either the History of each service and/or stories about things the services had done in the past. Maybe these would have some kind f an influence on some other kind of person. But I am not one of those persons so I didn’t find it appropriate to talk about those sources since they would not have any influence on my decision.

Next I went to search the internet and the many brochures I have collected over time. First I read to my brochures. On the brochures all there was were persuasive articles to try and get you join a particular service. Most of the useful information I found was on the internet. First searched for the Marines Recruiting website and I found it. From there I downloaded the brochure Precious Metals. From that brochure I found out that there is over 300 jobs to choose from if you join the USMC. It also mentions some of the benefits for joining the Marines such as: Travel, vacations, and education. After I read through the brochure I went back to the internet I searched for the Official USAF Recruiting website and I found it. Once I found it I found out that the USAF offers over 150 Career fields with the same education benefits. Both services offer aid to pay for college or an university. They both offer the G.I. Montgomery Bill and the other funds are different but the amounts they give are around the same. However I didn’t find any information on the vacation benefits. But I do recall my instructor Major Sparr saying: Alf in any plane of the Air Force there is any extra passenger seats available you can get on that plane for free no matter the destination of the plane. Also if you decide to stay in one of the rooms in the base, I think, it costs around 54 dollars a week. Personally I think that is a good deal for a vacation. Also like on the Marines you can get stationed over-seas to various parts of the world and that way you get to travel a lot (Major Sparr). Also on both website I found a link to downloaded the pay rate chart. On both web-sites the chart was exactly the same.

AThe Marines have confidence in themselves. And confidence is greatly different from braggadocio. Confidence doesn’t come from the outside. It comes from the inside. It comes from character and discipline, from training and skill (T. Holcomb). Although the Air Force has a lot to offer. I not only like to be challenged just mentally but also physically. I also like very hard to reach goals and getting to be a Marine is very hard. Just like Marines like to say: AThe Few. The Proud. The Marines. Well, if it is that hard to get in, I want to be one of the few. One of the proud. A Marine. To me the benefits do not matter as much as I liking what I do. And I like the Marines. Although it is a long shot someday I will be a Marine.

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