An Overview of the Colorado Archaeological Society

The Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) was formed in 1935. Within the Colorado Archaeological Society, there are eleven separate chapters throughout the state. The Denver chapter is one of the largest and most prevalent of the groups. Most members of CAS are hobbyist archaeologists, but some are professionals in the field. The Colorado Archaeological Society and the Denver chapter both have websites to outline and describe their endeavors and mission statements. Associations such as CAS help keep archaeology popular and thriving.

The Colorado Archaeology Society defines archaeology as all things relating to human history and prehistory.

In their monthly bulletin, the Denver chapter writes, “Experimental archaeology can be used to answer questions surrounding archaeological artifacts when historical documents don’t explain certain details” (Rushforth, 2015, p. 1). Admittedly, I had previously assumed that archaeology and paleontology were the same things. I was not aware that animal and dinosaur fossils differed from human artifacts. The Colorado Archaeological Society holds their members to a high honor code, which is listed clearly on their website.

The CAS Code of Ethics includes: upholding laws, protecting archaeological finds, maintaining standards while partaking in projects, respecting landowner rights, etc. Due to the unique nature of modern social media, CAS also has rules regarding the usage of social media to maintain their image, keep confidentiality surrounding artifacts and continue civility in online discussions. I was completely unaware that an archaeological society would have such strict regulations. However, now that I have read over the rules, I can understand why they exist and believe they are pertinent to the club.

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The Colorado Archaeological Society keeps members busy with frequent excursions.

The Denver chapter of CAS partakes in activities such as field trips, excavations, lab curation work, survey work and more. Every month, the Denver chapter puts out a newsletter called, “All Points Bulletin.” The publication covers everything from archaeological findings to memorials for CAS members to personal essays. The Denver CAS website also has a wide array of important announcements for current and prospective members. CAS has been behind numerous archaeological breakthroughs.

In the summer of 2014, the Denver chapter of CAS, along with students and faculty from MSU, CSU, and CU, discovered several colored cotton fragments in Huaycán de Pariachi, Peru. More recently, the Douglas County History Museum displayed some artifacts found by CAS members. On top of participating in digs, CAS also has an annual conference that includes a silent raffle and auction. The meetings held by the Denver chapter of CAS include a number of speakers from various backgrounds.

The Colorado Archaeological Society holds events for an array of orators. One guest, Dr. Kimball Banks, has over 40 years of experience in archaeology. Dr. Banks is involved with the Combined Prehistoric Expedition and has worked on dig sites in Wadi Kabbaniya, Oman, Texas and the Northern Plains. Another speaker, Gene Wheaton, is a professor of anthropology at Community College of Denver. Wheaton has also worked as a professional archeologist around the world and is presently trying to obtain funding for an archaeological assessment of Denver’s Ninth Street Historic District Park. A shared love of archaeology allows CAS to prosper.

The Colorado Archaeological Society is a very positive force to keep archaeology publicized and exciting. Thanks to the internet and social media, those who have an interest in archaeology are easily able to find and connect with like-minded people. A simple search for archaeological societies in my area came up with dozens of results. Whether someone has been traveling the globe to engage in groundbreaking digs or they simply have a fascination with ancient humanity, the Colorado Archaeological Society is a great way to pursue archaeological dreams.

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