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Because of the Reform and Opening-up, China’s economy develops very fast. Taking a big city like Guangzhou as an example, it is expending at a speed of 50 square kilometers per year. However, the pattern of China’s economic development has not changed, so the carbon emissions of greenhouse gas in Guangzhou are 6.5 times than that of London per GDP growth. It shows that the energy utilization ratio is quite low. In today’s society the sustainable development is very important, so the low-carbon urban-planning needs to pay much attention.

Low-carbon was first put up in 2003. It main purpose is to gain more economic output with less energy consumption. There are four choices to achieve this purpose. The first part is low carbon industry. During the winter of 2017, many heavy industries in north China were closed because they produced a lot of poisonous gases which lead to the serious haze. And their economic benefits aren’t that much. China’s government has put forward a policy called “Supply-side reform” to change this situation.

The second part is low carbon energy. According to the, the wind power generation in Denmark had reached to 19.4% in its total generating capacity. In today’s China we are exploring clean coal energy and hydrogen energy to satisfy the need of energy. The third part is low carbon traffic. In the rush hour in Guangzhou, every one hour will be half in crash and the pollution is more than we could expect. I still remember the “Photochemistry Smoke Event of Los Angeles USA” in 1952.

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The whole city becomes blue because of the ozone pollution which can damage the central nervous system of human and cause headache, chest pain and so on. To reduce the pollution of this part we can choose to ride bikes or take buses when get out., more than that, the transport systems are also need to improve, the metro of line three is too crowded to accept more people. The final part is low carbon Architecture. We can build some low carbon architectures. The Shanghai tower gives us a good example which has a rainwater recirculation system. The water they collected can be purified to go back to the water system. These are only four parts of the low-carbon urban planning and they will play an important role in the future’s society.

However these are just some plans. Low-Carbon urban planning is an innovative work without a mature mode to learn from. During this process planning forward becomes extremely important. To make these plans come true, these are not enough. The government is supposed to publish laws and regulations to support the revolution. Besides, technology is also an essential part, without which we can’t make any big changes in exploring new architectures and materials. Moreover, every city has its own feature, so there are no fixed rules for all. We need to spend time to find the most suitable methods.

In my opinion, only by putting the measures into reality can the city has a new look.

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