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1st Essay Sample on geography

Essay Geography iskey to understanding historybecause it’s a stage where all the history takes place. In basic sense geography isthe study ofpeople, their environments, resources available to them. Geography can be summed up in five themes witch are Location, Place, Human-environment interaction, Movement, Region. In the following essay I will describe how river valleys, Technology, and Neolithic period would change early civilizations lives.River valleys played a great part in early civilizations since a lot of the cities were located in the desert the rivers valleys provided food, water, irrigation, travel routes, and trade routes for the people.

The river valleys allowed people to have a civilization somewherewhere it would not be possible like desert.

River valleys played big role in places like Egypt and Sumer by providing people with constant source of water, food, trade routes, and allowed people to have farms, . The famous river Nile provided water, food, wheat, let trees grow in desert places (Doc.

6). So that’s why river valleys were a major effect on early civilizations. Technology made a huge differences in early civilizations probablyone of the biggest differences in early civilizations history. Technology was a major effect because it let people of early civilization have tools, weapons, walls, irrigation system, and grid pattern cities.

Some of big effects on early civilization were tools and weapons it allowed peo0pple to farm, dig graves for people and dig up land for plants, also weapons let people defend themselves against other tribes or cities and against animals.

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A ruler by the name of Gilgmesh build a wall around his city to protect the city against attacks (Doc 3). A city by the name of Mohenjo-Daro build their city in a grid like pattern witch is really similar to the one we use today (Doc 7).

2nd Essay Sample on Geography

Geographic factors in an area can either aid or hinder the development of a nation or region.For Great Britain, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers play an extremely significant role in the development in the nation.However, there are geographic factors that may in fact cause more damage than actually support in its country’s prosperity.One example of this is the Himalayas effect on China. The Himalayas make different parts of China very inaccessible from each other.Since they are isolated from one another, there was no cultural diffusion.Seeing as there was no cultural diffusion, there was no progression in technology.The Chinese lost the Opium war since they were so far behind in technology.They next signed the Treaty of Nanking; it is a peace treaty between the queen of Great Britain and the emperor of China. The Himalayas are as well threatened by global warming. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers had a major impact on three tribes, the Samarians, Mesopotamian, and the Babylonians.The rivers get a big flood every now and then which is good because they get little rain.When it floods it fertilizes the soil and then it is a big part for agricultural use.Trading and transportation had a big impact on the Mesopotamian society.Hammurabi was the ruler who chiefly established the greatness of Babylon.He made thefirst written laws named Hammurabi’s Code.The code regulates in clear and definite strokes the organization of society. In conclusion, geographical features have a major impact on each and every society.Some features have negative effects such as the Himalayas, while others have positives like the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

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