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Essay #6- I n today’s society there are many people that don’t like others religions. This is becoming a huge problem especially in the middle east, were many people are killed every day for no reason. The biggest problem going on right now is the problem between the Israile’s. (Jewish people) and the Palastiniens. They both are fighting over land they both call their own holly land, which at this time the Isralians control. However this is not the only problem that this century has had over religions.

You might remeber a war called world war II, a war in which was started because a man by the name of Hitler, thought is religion was supreme and called for his country to kill all of the jews that lived on the land he controlled. Some people out there just don’t think that other people should follow the believes of another god, in their mind they believe in something we call monotheism, the believe in only one god.

More than likely they are not going to like other people who don’t believe in their god. Another reason why there is so much intolerance for other religions, is because your religions is pretty much the way of life for most people. For example, some religions believe on praying five to six times a day, while others you don’t have to pray at all. And because your religions is a way of life, many people don’t think that any other way of life is ok, because that is what they are taught from a very young age.

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This is the reason why many people don’t like Americans, because in their religion and society the women are not allowed to bear any skin, while in our society and most of western religions there is no rules on what women wear. The problem of religions and violence is probley never going to end. I think that the problem with religions and violence is kind of like racism, some people just…

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