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Examples Of Geography Personal Statements Paper

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It is true that good geography personal statement examples can prove to be an effective guide for those applicants who don’t know how to begin and conclude it. Personal statements are basically an important part of your college admission process. When you seek admission in any college you have to create statement relevant to your field and submit it along with an admission application. No matter which college you choose to apply to, you have to tackle such essays even if you don’t like it.

Essay Example on Personal Statement Geography

Personal statement examples can help a student big time by offering him a readymade framework, explaining how an efficient statement is written. However, there are some examples that are poorly made and not worth your time. Instead of offering the students how they can craft a compelling statement, these examples take the student on the opposite track, that is, how to make it mediocre. Every student should avoid mediocre examples by understanding the various elements of a poor statement example:

Ineffective Outline

Ineffective outline is one of the most distinct elements of a poorly created personal statement examples. Given that a sample will provide an effective guide to the applicant, it must include an outline which is simple, effective and to the point. The role of an outline is to offer a framework to the writer so that he can understand what sort of details should be included in a manuscript and what details should be excluded. Example personal statements that do not have an effective outline are definitely not an excellent guide for the applicant. So, choose an example statement that provides you an excellent outline.

Typos and Incorrect Grammar

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Another common element of a poorly created example is incorrect grammar. Grammar mistakes and typos are the critical errors detrimental to your personal statement. If you submit your statement to the admission department with lots of lots of typos and grammatical errors, there is not a single percent of chance that the department would accept the application unless the appraiser is blind.

Remember that it will certainly be impossible for you to showcase your motivation, determination and skills to the board through a terrible statement. Therefore, it is very important that an effective example should have a correct grammar and to the point writing style. Proofreading is also necessary to make sure that the document doesn’t cater any sorts of errors.

Terrible Samples

There are some websites that offer students free personal statement examples or samples. These free websites are not recommended since the samples provided by these websites are terribly written. The information given in the free geography personal statement samples are mostly incorrect. The information regarding the achievements, background, academic performance or motivation of the student is written horribly in these samples. It is better to look for samples on other sites than a free website.

The above given tips are very crucial and must be given serious consideration. One must make sure that these elements are not presented in the sample as such samples are only detrimental for the statement.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on Examples Of Geography Personal Statements and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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