Essay Example on 5 Themes Of Geography Greece

Absolute Location of Greece:
The absolute location of Greece is located at 39oN. 22oE because that’s where its capital. Athens. is located. Relative Location of Greece:
South of Macedonia. West of Turkey
This is a image of Modern Greece that shows the co-ordinates of Greece. This image relates to the subject location because it shows the absolute location of Greece which is the co-ordinates of Athens which is the capital of Greece and absolute location ever shows the co-ordinates of the capital of a state.

This is of import because it shows where the capital of Greece. Topographic point

Essay Example on 5 Themes Of Geography Greece

Physical Features:
Greece is 80 % made of mountains.

This is a image of Greece with a mountain in the background. This relates to the subject because mountains are a physical feature because an illustration of a physical feature is a landform and mountains are a type of landform. This is of import because mountains provide us with tonss of resources.

Human Features:

The Greeks built the Parthenon in award of the goddess Athena.

This is a image of the Parthenon. the memorial to Athena. This relates to the subject of topographic point because the Parthenon is a edifice which is a human feature because a human feature is something that was manufactured or created by a human. This is of import because a batch of things worlds build are edifices. Human/Environment Interaction

How Humans in Greece Adapt:

Peoples adapt in Greece by have oning different apparels for different seasons.

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For illustration. in the summer people wear short arms to maintain themselves cooled off in the hot portion of the twelvemonth and in the winter wear long arms to maintain themselves warm in the cold portion of the twelvemonth.

How Humans in Greece Modify:

Peoples in Greece modify by utilizing stuffs for edifices because they’re modifying the environment by destructing the environment in order to do edifices like houses and mills.

How the Environment Influences Life/How Humans depend on the environment in Greece:

Peoples in Greece depend on the environment for nutrient like fish and farm animal. This is a image of farm animal in Greece. This relates to the subject because people in Greece depend on these animate beings for nutrient. This is of import because without nutrient people would hunger. Motion

How Goods Move in Greece:

Goods move in and out of Greece by aeroplanes. trains. boats. and choppers. This is a image of an aeroplane transporting goods out of Greece. This relates to the subject because the plane is transporting goods. This is of import because without this there wouldn’t be any manner to acquire goods out of other states to the U. S. or other states.

How People Move in Greece:

Peoples in Greece move utilizing autos. planes. trains. and boats.

How Ideas Move in Greece:

Ideas in Greece move utilizing the cyberspace. and by speaking on telephones.


What Characteristics Unite Greece?
Some features that unite Greece are their faith ( Hellenism ) . linguistic communication ( Grecian ) . its mountains. and its attractive forces ( e. g. The Parthenon )

This is a map demoing the mountains of Modern Greece because a feature of Greece are its mountains. This relates to theme because a mountain is a characteristic that is portion of part. This is of import because unifying features bring states together.

Other names for Greece:
Even though most states call it the state Greece the existent Greeks name their state Hellas and Greek’s functionary name is Hellenic Republic.


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Essay Example on 5 Themes Of Geography Greece

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