Fictional characters such as Achilles and Odysseus were the most extremely regarded of heroes. The Greeks admired many features in the characters and heroes of their mythology. but the 1s most admired by them were strength. craft and beauty. The Gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus embodied all these traits and features most revered by the Greeks.

Strength in conflict was greatly admired by the ancient Greeks. The strongest warriors were a favourite subject of myths. The Gods of their myths are known for their huge strength and are frequently depicted with big musculuss and a arm and armour demoing the Greeks great love of strength.

Even the King of Troy. Priam says to Achilles. “Great godlike Achilles” after he defeats the greatest warrior of Troy. Hector. This shows that Achilles was such a great warrior that he was considered to be at a divine degree of strength. And the Iliad was a favourite narrative to Greece ; hence strength must be a admired trait to them.

Most Admired Personality Traits

Cleverness was a favourite trait of the Greeks every bit good. In many of their narratives the hero would hold to calculate out a cagey manner to accomplish their adjective. for illustration Odysseus was a darling hero who was known for his craft along with being a great warrior. He gained this repute after he penetrated the Trojan defences. which were said to be unbreakable. by coming up with the clever program of constructing a big wooden Equus caballus to give them as a gift.

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and filled it with is work forces. His inventiveness is what made him celebrated and that is because it was a trait the Greeks held to the highest award.

Beauty was really of import to the Greeks. From their narratives to their faiths and even their art it is evident that beauty was a extremely regarded trait to hold. All the goddesses were known for being perfect and holding unexcelled beauty. Even in the Iliad character Helen of Troy is known as “The face that launched a 1000 ships” . which is stating that her beauty was so great it started the Trojan War. The Greeks clearly thought of beauty as a great beginning of power and a great trait to hold.

Traits such as inventiveness. strength and beauty were all extremely admired by the Greeks and was invariably shown in their myths and art. And such traits were embodied in their Gods and heroes to demo the people of the clip what to stride for. so these features must hold been really of import to their society.

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