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Free essays on War on Drugs are written pieces that explore the issue of drug abuse and the role of law enforcement and government policies in addressing this problem. They discuss the impacts of the war on drugs on individuals, communities, and society as a whole, and critically evaluate the effectiveness and morality of current drug laws and regulations. These essays offer valuable insights into one of the most contentious issues in contemporary politics and public policy, and can be used as a resource for research, education, and advocacy on drug-related issues.
Enactment of Drug Laws
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In the history of the United Stated the drug epidemic has been increasing at an alarming rate. The United States imported opium legally for hundreds of years. During the Civil War the most common used drug was Morphine. In the nineteenth century Heroin was manufactured. Cocaine was very popular and was marketed as a cure for drug addiction. The United States' main focus was on alcohol addiction, while there was very little concern for narcotic usage. In the early years,…...
War On Drugs
Fighting the Epidemic of Marijuana and Opioids
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The War on Drugs began in the 20th Century and aimed to address the marijuana and opioid epidemic that plagued the United States. The War on Drugs, declared in the 1970s by President Richard Nixon, primarily targeted nonviolent drug offenders and resulted in unprecedented growth of the U.S. penal system and has been criticized for creating a “new Jim Crow” in which incarcerated people of color are targeted for arrest, and put into jails where they work for free or…...
War On Drugs
War On Drugs Essay
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In the article by Milton Friedman entitled There’s No Justice in the War on Drugs, the consequences of implementing a policy on prohibiting or controlling illegal drugs were discussed. Friedman argued that though the US government’s actions towards drugs were motivated by good intentions, there are still some negative repercussions based on moral and expediential grounds.  He cited that these drug policies facilitate the manifestation of the following: (1) Promotion of corruption through the utilization of informers; (2) Deterioration of…...
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War on Drugs Essay Example
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War on Drugs Essay IntroductionIn 1925, American journalist H. L. Mencken wrote, “Prohibition has not only failed in its promises but actually created additional serious and disturbing social problems throughout society. There is not less drunkenness in the Republic but more. There is not less crime, but more. The cost of government is not smaller, but vastly greater. Respect for law has not increased, but diminished. ” Nearly 90 years later and this is still perfectly applicable today with the…...
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