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Nabokov’s Anti-Freudian Views in Lolita
Words • 2046
Pages • 9
When a taboo work is published, one underlying question always remains: does it have literary merit? It is difficult to apply universal criteria to assess whether or not a literary work has value. Some of the authors under fire may defend their writings by emphasizing a certain truth they were trying to convey or attacking censorship as being immoral. Other authors protect their work by claiming it was written in the name of art. Vladimir Nabokov proclaims himself as an artist and a…...
Vladimir Nabokov
Unsatisfied Psychological Needs in Lolita and The Collector
Words • 2809
Pages • 12
"It is quite true that man lives by bread alone — when there is no bread. But what happens to man's desires when there is plenty of bread and when his belly is chronically filled?” – Abraham Maslow. Abraham Maslow explored the motivations people have and believed that people possess a set of motivational systems aimed at achieving certain needs. These basic psychological, mental, emotional, and physical needs motivate the human race to meet these needs when they are unmet. A deficiency…...
Vladimir Nabokov
A Personal Interpretation of Lolita, a Novel by Vladimir Nabokov
Words • 385
Pages • 2
Lolita is a novel written by the Russian author Vladimir Nabokov in which the main character of the intriguing story Humbert Humber, has a pedophile attraction toward his twelve years old stepdaughter. He describes the passion and morbid obsession that he holds towards the girl in a vivid and detailed manner that engages and thrills the reader into the forbidden narrative, as well as evoking a sense of disgust from a moral point of view. While these desires are considered a fetish that…...
Vladimir Nabokov
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Pale Faith in Life After Death in Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov
Words • 2031
Pages • 9
Philosophically, the very nature of death has puzzled even the greatest philosophers since the time of humanity's humble beginning. While some may argue that once an individual dies, it is lights out, no encore, that's all she wrote, and the nothingness consumes everything for all eternity, others, often those claiming a religious or spiritual affiliation with a higher power, suggest this; when someone passes away, they do not just slip into an eternal state of nothingness, they remain at our…...
Vladimir Nabokov
My Little Cup Brims With Tiddles
Words • 1824
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Narrative essays
The sample essay on My Little Cup Brims With Tiddles deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.Lolita, written by Vladimir Nabokov is a novel based on a middle-aged gentleman and his infatuation with a young girl who is twelve years of age. The extract consisting of the first five chapters of the novel and the main theme being the central character, Humbert Humbert’s…...
LolitaVladimir Nabokov
Distortions of Reality
Words • 1309
Pages • 6
In both Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita, and Thomas Pynchon's novel The Crying of Lot 49, the protagonist is consumed by an obsession. These obsessions affect the characters' behavior, actions, and interaction with the world. Most importantly, however, both authors reveal that obsession distorts a person's perception of reality. In Lolita, the protagonist and narrator, Humbert Humbert, has an obsessive lust for nymphets which warps his view of the world, ultimately driving him to paranoia. His sexual fixation for nymphets is…...
LolitaPhilosophyRealityThe Crying Of Lot 49Vladimir Nabokov
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