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How Love is Perceived Differently In Literature and Reality
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Love through the ages have been distorted one way or another, from Hollywood pictures to literature treating this connection as if it were the antidote to all of life’s problems. As happiness is sought through the arms of another filling up the void missing in each of their lives, or so this is explored in The Notebook by Nicholas sparks. A love so great that leaves all type of rational thinking. Building up an illusion as others believe that love…...
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Love Story Themes of Drama, Tragedy And Sacrifice in The English Literary Tradition
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Authors Nicholas Spark and William Shakespeare both include themes of drama, tragedy and sacrifice in their love story in English literary tradition. Nicholas is a love story teller who expresses love by sacrificing a person’s true love, while the English poet William seeks tragedy in the end of his stories. The American novelist uses the word “love” as a real life scenario. The result was his 1996 novel The Notebook, which Sparks based on the romance between his wife's maternal…...
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Film “Notebook” Made Film
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The movie The Notebook is a wonderfully made movie that describes in detail what it is like not only to live with someone with dementia but also trying to love someone with this disease; even after already loving someone before this awful disease took over their life. For the movie, the person playing Allie could not actually have dementia herself. The Notebook has done a great job of showing what is like trying to live and also love someone with…...
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The Notebook Read Romances
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To start off I am Lexi. I go to Westosha Central High School, I am a sophomore this year. I chose this book because I remember watching the movie and it was a wonderful movie, so I thought I would read the book. I do not like to read that much but when I do read I like to read romance books. My favorite part of the book is when they are young and watching them grow up through their…...
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Opposites On Can Attract
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It is true that opposites can attract. It is also true that when they do attract each other, other people sometimes disagree that they should love each other and be together forever. Nevertheless, it is because they don't understand how those two people feel about each other and that they don't see credentials. They only honestly care for the person. Nicholas Sparks’ movie The Notebook depicts the story of the complicated intimate relationship between Noah, a mediocre country boy, and…...
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The Notebook Character Analysis
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The two characters chosen for this essay are those played by Judie Dench (Kate Winslet plays the younger Iris Murdoch) from the movie Iris and Rachel McAdams from The Notebook. The movie Iris, starring Judie Dench and Jim Broadbent is a masterpiece of the drama genre. The movie is a biographical account of British novelist Iris Murdoch, as it traces her life from early adulthood till her old age and ultimate demise. The film The Notebook, on the other hand…...
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How Love is Perceived Differently In Literature and Reality
...The way literature portrays love is different than how it actually is. Love isn’t just about happiness, it affects your feelings but it isn’t the base emotion. It also isn’t just a night of passion and irrational thoughts, it’s caring for tha...
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