Opposites On Can Attract

It is true that opposites can attract. It is also true that when they do attract each other, other people sometimes disagree that they should love each other and be together forever. Nevertheless, it is because they don’t understand how those two people feel about each other and that they don’t see credentials. They only honestly care for the person. Nicholas Sparks’ movie The Notebook depicts the story of the complicated intimate relationship between Noah, a mediocre country boy, and Allie, a wealthy city girl with parents of high social status who were unsupportive of her dating Noah.

They didn’t want her dating Noah because he was a poor lumberyard worker. Allie’s parents felt that they were more classy people and that he wasn’t good enough for their daughter (Cassevetes, The Notebook). As a result, they cause the two young lovers to separate and live their lives without one another.

When two people truly love each other, even if they don’t stay together, they can still go through tough obstacles in life and find their way back to one another if it’s meant to be.

The lover’s described as” two shooting stars, there and gone in an instant” (Cassevetes, The Notebook), follow through with their purposes and find their way back to each other…years after separation. Their love was never lost but reestablished. However, rekindling their love brings issues amongst Allie’s family and Allie’s fiancé. Eventually years later, they find their way back to each other as the course of their lives change and truth is revealed.

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The story itself is narrated and read by Noah as an old man. He goes by the name of Duke and reads to Allie every day to help her remember their love story and who he is. He does this for Allie because she has Alzheimer’s disease. Throughout the movie, Noah and Allie displayed the ludus love style, a mixture of agape and eros love styles, a mix of mania and agape love styles, and a blend of ludus and pragma love types. In the beginning of the movie, Noah and Allie both display the ludus love style.

The ludus love style is used by people who love and want to have fun with each other. They have fun by doing activities in the outdoors or indoors. They can display this love style by teasing one another, playing harmless pranks and being silly together. Love and attention is given as part of the game (Kory). Noah first initiates this love style. He is desperate enough to hop on a Ferris wheel where Allie is sitting with her date. Noah is head over heels for Allie bold enough to risk his life for her, even before knowing who she is and her values. Allie was uninterested in Noah initially and rejected him. So, he got on the Ferris wheel on her booth and hung at a dangerous height until she agreed to go out with him. He was very playful and crafty, upsetting Allie at first. Many people would decide that if you genuinely want to be with someone, you would do anything to get with that person. Since Noah was an outlandish person, he is willing to do anything to get the women of his dreams (Cassevetes, The Notebook).

Noah and Allie were young and so focused on excitement like when they went out to get ice cream or when they went bike riding, everything was about having fun and experiencing the things they never had before together. They quickly fell in love within a short amount of time that summer (within two months or less). Noah and Allie also visited this abandoned house to experience sexual intercourse which was a mixture of agape and eros. Eros involves showing intimacy and attention to each other and expressing a sexual desire out of love for one another (Kory). Agape love involves compassion and selflessness. At this moment, Allie and Noah were prepared to give themselves to one another in love, knowing the risks but taking their chances (Cassevetes, The Notebook). They experience new feelings that brought them to another level in their relationship.

Nevertheless, it leads to an end in their relationship. Noah had to exclude how beautiful Allie was and what Allie could do for him as a lover in the long run because Allie had to move away. So, Noah felt like he had to pull back from loving Allie as much as he did. He thought he had no choice because her parents wouldn’t tolerate him being with their daughter because of his social class (Cassevetes, The Notebook). Allie breaks up with Noah out of anger and impulse since Noah was discouraged that her parents were discriminating against him. The next day, her parents force her to move away. Allie left a message for Noah saying it was not over and she still loved him, apologizing. Noah then writes Allie three-hundred and sixty-five letters to her (a letter each day) and sends them (Cassevetes, The Notebook). Unfortunately, Allie’s mother would secretly hide every single message from her. As a result, Allie and Noah then believe the relationship is over forever.

During the middle of the movie, Noah expressed the mania love style when and Allie broke up and separated. Mania is the type of love that makes one demand their partner’s complete love and attention and have total dependence on their lover. It is filled with high and low moments, fear of rejection and depression, it is generally possessive, obsessive and intense love type. Noah and his best friend moved to carry out their construction jobs and also served in WWI. However, his friend did not survive (Cassevetes, The Notebook). Noah was depressed and couldn’t find a love connection or be affectionate with any other women after Allie left. His deep devotion and obsession with losing her affected his ability to emotionally bond with another woman and brought pain to others who loved him. He was still deeply in love with and devoted to her. He worked on building and fixing an old house he promised to fix up for Allie, thinking that someday Allie would arrive at his doorstep (Cassevetes, The Notebook).

The love type agape defines Noah and Allie relationship in general (Cassevetes, The Notebook). They’re both compassionate and selfless, characterized as self-giving. Neither Noah or Allie are selfish, they both care for each other deeply (Kory). Noah wrote Allie a letter every day for a year and what stopped her from writing Noah back was Allie’s mom. She hid the messages from her. As the years pass, Allie is forced to move on with her life and continue her school plans. During the war, she meets another man named Lon. Allie was a nurse helping care for injured soldiers. Lon was one of the injured soldiers she helped to get back on their feet, who eventually becomes her fiancé. She does fall in love with Lon, pushing her feelings for Noah aside because she believes their chances for love are long gone.

Lon fits Allie’s parents’ standards and requirements for a man because he comes from “Old Southern money” and is wealthy, he has a great job, and he’s classy (Cassevetes, The Notebook). Allie’s relationship with Lon is formed and grows based on pragma and ludus. Not only does she want to have fun with Lon, but she also starts to accept and love him because of practicality; they had common goals (Kory). He fits in with her parents’ requirements and can provide the lifestyle they prefer her to have. Conversely, Allie soon sees an article with Noah’s picture and the house he promised to fix and rebuild for her, and her feelings for him came back and confuse her. She then experiences mania after remembering the love for him that never went away and became depressed. As a result, before the wedding, she goes to see Noah (Cassevetes, The Notebook).

Allie and Noah “tied up loose ends” when they met again, years after separation. Allie finds out about the three hundred and sixty-five letters Noah wrote her (Cassevetes, The Notebook). Noah says to her, ‘I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year…it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over’ (Harris, Quotes from The Notebook)! They rekindle their love, displaying the eros and agape love styles through expressing their love and devotion with passionate intercourse. Despite the inconvenient circumstances dealing with Allie’s fiancé, and lies from her mother that caused her to separate from the love of her life, they still consummate their love in the house of their dreams (Cassevetes, The Notebook). At the end of the movie, the love types that Noah and Allie have for one another are also eros and agape.

Even when Allie forgets who he is and rejects him, he still pursues her and continues to love her the same (Cassevetes, The Notebook). Their love is unconditional and so sincere that they were granted the miracle of them dying together side by side. Noah says to Allie in their last moment together, ‘I think our love can do anything we want it to’ (Harris, Quotes from The Notebook). Before they died together in their sleep, Allie remembers Noah and their love (Cassevetes, The Notebook). In conclusion, throughout the movie, Noah and Allie’s relationship displays different love styles. In certain situations, some mixtures of love styles are practiced by them. Despite all of their circumstances, their love for one another prevails. This movie has many great examples of love styles with clear evidence and examples.

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