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Essay On Seven Wonders Of The World
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This sample essay on Essay On Seven Wonders Of The World reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus was the tomb of king Mausolus. Halicarnassus (Modern Bodrum, Turkey) was the capital of a small Mediterranean kingdom. In 377 B. C. , Hecatomnus of Mylasa, the ruler of this land, died and left control of the kingdom to his son, Mausolus. Mausolus’ reign lasted for 24 years.…...
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Essay On Mughal Empire
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Mughal Empire Mughal Empire Mughal Empire Essay In the 1526, Babur founded the greatest and the last empire in the Indian history, the Mughal Empire. Mogul is an English word derived from Mughal, which means a hugely powerful person. Babur father and mother came from the Timur’s and Genghis Khan’s Kingdoms respectively. After conquering the Delhi Sultan Ibrahim Sha Lodi in 1526, he named his empire Timurid that is the Mughal Dynasty (John, 1995, p.8). This one empire left a…...
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Taj Mahal Research Paper
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Taj Mahal is one the greatest piece of architecture of India and the whole world. This mosque-mausoleum was built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved resting wife Mumtaz, who died in childbirth. The Taj Mahal is a complex of buildings, consisting of a mausoleum, mosque, guest house, main gate, a beautiful garden and some other magnificent buildings.Essay Example on Taj Mahal Research The construction of the mausoleum dates back to the 1648. The surrounding gardens and other equally gorgeous…...
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Place of Islamic Architecture in Islamic Culture
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Islam was practiced throughout Arabia and was soon adapted into the cultures of the Middle East and beyond. Islamic architecture was comprised of mausoleums and mosques. At first, Islam had no architectural tradition of their own, so they borrowed extensively from the styles, forms, and methods that already existed in order to create their own architectural traditions that followed strict beliefs and values of Islam. The assimilation of Islam gave way to a beautiful mixture of beliefs and cultures that…...
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