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Mughal Empire

Mughal Empire

Mughal Empire Essay

In the 1526, Babur founded the greatest and the last empire in the Indian history, the Mughal Empire. Mogul is an English word derived from Mughal, which means a hugely powerful person. Babur father and mother came from the Timur’s and Genghis Khan’s Kingdoms respectively. After conquering the Delhi Sultan Ibrahim Sha Lodi in 1526, he named his empire Timurid that is the Mughal Dynasty (John, 1995, p.8). This one empire left a significant impact in India.

It was during this period that most the beautiful monuments were set up in India, for instance, the Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Mughal Empire lasted almost for three centuries, between 1526AD to 1857AD, in history; it is one of the largest centralized empires. This one empire had a considerable influence in ancient India and even in the post-India today. However, this empire was unable to last long, it come down after only three centuries.

The Mughal Empire left a strong impression in the history of India. Their landmark achievements are still visible today. Among the most conspicuous achievements include, the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort in Delhi, the Humayan’s Tomb and the Fort of Agra. This empire was able to create the best-recognized monuments in the world. Through the Mughal’s, India came to the peak of beauty and refinement. In their works of fine arts, gardening, cuisine, and the emergence of the Urdu language, their work of making India recognized appears.

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During their reign, music and literature emerged was celebrated. For instance, the Sufi music was renowned by most Indians during that period. Despite all these great achievements, the empire was unable to stand the test of time. On 7 November 1862, the British threw the last emperor of the Mughal’s in prison in Burma just after the Indian rebellion of 1857. This was the end of a great dynasty in India.

Aurangzeb is largely to blame for the decline of the Mughal Empire, unlike his predecessors; he did not struggle hard to win the loyalty of those he ruled. He never tolerated the non-Muslims; he ordered them, also take part in the celebrations and other Hindu activities. This made him lose the support and loyalty of the Rajputs (Keene, 2007, p.11). He killed Sikh Guru was not welcomed by the Marathas making them declare war against him. Those who succeeded Aurangzeb were extremely incompetent. They did nothing to protect the empire, but instead were more into pleasure and thus made them quickly become unable to rule the state. The rulers were unable to come up with a definite law for the people. This caused war amongst the emperor’s sons each time an emperor died. These created rooms for anarchy since each son used the noble members of the family to enable him ascend to the throne.

The availability of luxuries and wealth caused laziness among the Mughal’s army. This made the m inefficient, ineffective and corrupt; this proved them disloyal to the commander making them loss battles. They often fought themselves for money and women. This also created room for the rise of new political powers like the Sikhs, Jats and Marathas. These new powers were annoyed by the rule of the Mughal’s, broke away to form their own states, weakening the empire. The coming of the British put an end to the Mughal’s empire. They greatly messed the politics of India and set up their own empire in India, the British Empire that lasted for 200 years. The constant wars had an adverse effect on the economic ability of the empire. In conclusion, the Mughal’s empire came down due to own making.


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