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Alternative Energy On Sources
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Pages • 2
With alternative energies still sitting on the back burner, new and improved systems are needed to pique interest and help move them further into the limelight. Solar energy is an abundant, clean, alternative energy that can improve environmental pollution. The rapid increase in population and economic development has created potential problems such as an energy crisis and global warming. There is a growing demand for renewable energy needed worldwide, and the utilization of it could be a solution to environmental…...
Alternative EnergySun
Free Reliable Energy: The Sun
Words • 843
Pages • 4
Did you know that it would take over 1.3 million Earths to fill up the Sun? The Sun is a humongous ball of gas that is able to bring the sunrise to us in the morning and provides us with vitamin D that our body needs for bone health. Our solar system wouldn’t be able to do much of anything if our Sun wasn’t present. All of our crops wouldn’t be alive, but more importantly we wouldn’t be alive. The…...
EnergySolar EnergySun
Huntington Beach: A Southern California Gem
Words • 897
Pages • 4
Southern California is known for its year round sunny weather and sublime beaches with sun kissed people strolling along them. Huntington Beach fits this stereotype perfectly, with eight and a half miles of beautiful coast and hundreds of surfers on the waves daily, there is no wonder why it’s earned the nickname of Surf City. A small stretch of the beach, only a mile long, is the magical oasis of dog paradise. This is a place where dogs are allowed…...
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Jupiter: The Largest Planet
Words • 335
Pages • 2
Introduction Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is the largest planet in all of our solar system. Jupiter is more than twice as massive as all of the other planets combined and is made from about 90% hydrogen and 10% helium. Despite having sent different spaceships and orbiters to observe Jupiter there is a lot more to learn about the planet. That is why from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011, NASA New Frontiers…...
AstronomyLearningPlanetProjectSolar SystemSun
Life Cycle Of A Star Essay
Words • 745
Pages • 3
At this point the gas will be hot enough to glow. But since here is still a large amount of dust surrounding the gas there isn’t much radii Zion given offing the visible spectrum(light humans can see) Brown Dwarf: A brown dwarf is when a protestor has not been able to reach critical mass, the is means that fusion was never able to begin, these objects range in size from 13 90 times t he mass of Jupiter. Main Sequence:…...
Albedo and Earth’s Temperature
Words • 2503
Pages • 11
The term "albedo" refers to the absorption of radiation False Without an atmosphere, the earth's temperature would be a frigid -100 degrees Celsius False Over the past 400,000 years, CO2 abundances in Earth's atmosphere have varied in correlation with Earth's temperature True Molecules are called 'greenhouse gases' if they Absorb infrared radiation, but are transparent to visible light. Global warming and anthropogenic climate change are terms that refer to the same environmental issue, specifically the alteration of Earth's surface temperature…...
Effects Of Ultraviolet Light On The Eye
Words • 2606
Pages • 11
Various eye problems have been associated with overexposure to sunlight. Cause Ultraviolet Ray WHY? People are unaware of what UVR can cause to their vision/eye sight. WHY? Insufficient spread of information to the public. Sub Problem How can we completely inform the public about the dangers caused by the UVR? Introduction Another radiation from the sun can harm not only your skin but also your eyes. Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to eye damage, which…...
EyeLightOzone LayerSunVision
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