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Tradition in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”
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Tradition is a common aspect in many stories, including the story of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”, where a small town observes an annual ritual known as the lottery. The purpose of the lottery is to randomly pick a victim to be stoned to death to assure the community's well-being. Through the Psychoanalysis theory, New Historicism/Cultural theory, and Marxist literary criticism, we can see how Jackson portrayed the dangers of not allowing your society to advance and grow out of certain…...
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Dangers Of Tradition
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Symbolism is the application of symbols to mean things or convey them to mind. In her narrative “The Lottery” . Shirley Jackson expresses her emotions towards man’s sloppiness and violent patterns of traditions. This is shown when the lottery takes topographic point in the narrative and the “winner” is stoned to decease to assist harvest growing in the small town. Shirley Jackson uses symbolism to stand for a sequence of events that occur throughout the narrative. She uses symbolism in…...
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The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Research Paper
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?“The Lottery,” a short story written by Dr. Shirley Jackson, It’s a 3rd person Narrative tale story with a neutral tone but an unforeseen ending. The author creates a story filled with interesting setting, symbolism, even in forms of characters, irony, grim reality, and a ritualized tradition that masks evil, which ultimately demonstrates how people blindly follow tradition. The setting of this story is anonymous the town is unnamed and its locations is not stated. with the help of close…...
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