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Finding Illumination in the Dark: A Reflection on Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’
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Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" stands as a paragon of minimalist storytelling, employing simple language and stark realism to probe the complex depths of the human experience. The story revolves around an unnamed narrator, his wife, and an unexpected guest named Robert, a blind man whose visit serves as the catalyst for an unexpected epiphany.At the outset, the narrator's discomfort with Robert's impending visit is palpable. He confesses his ignorance about blindness, demonstrating a deep-seated prejudice and discomfort with difference. Carver deftly…...
Raymond Carver
Guide Dog and Walking Stick
Words • 1191
Pages • 5
People think of blind people, they tend to picture a person with dark sunglasses, a seeing “eye dog”, and a walking stick. These are stereotypes and obviously do not remain true in the case of all blind people. It is impossible to know absolutely what is going on in another person’s life, so to judge others is simply ignorance. Moreover, not all sight people can see and realize all that they are looking. These ideas the author develops in the…...
CathedralDogRaymond Carver
Change The Way You Look at Things And Watch The Things You Look at Change  
Words • 746
Pages • 3
The one thing people are entirely in control of in in their lives is how they view things in it. Raymond Carver’s, “ The Cathedral,” is about a bind man (Robert) who’s wife recently died and he goes to meet up with an old employee/ friend but the woman’s husband isnt fond of the visit. He thinks blind people are sad and depressing, with his opinion of course coming from movies. Sherwood Anderson’s, “Death in the woods,” is about an…...
HusbandRaymond Carver
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A World Of Vision
Words • 752
Pages • 4
While fully able to view and sense the world, does one truly see it in its full color and glory, or in a mere black and white? Without emotion and devotion, the world can possibly be perceived as flat, as if with an edge where a ship could just fall off where the horizon ends. In Cathedral, the narrator has all of his senses intact but still sees the world in a very sterile manner. A visitor named Robert, a…...
LifeRaymond CarverVision
Prejudice And Prejudice of The Diversity of People’s Daily Life
Words • 965
Pages • 4
In today’s society prejudice and preconception seem to be a major issue due to the diversity in people’s everyday life, such as their religious views, race, sexuality, and disabilities. However, in some cases, a life-changing event occurs that makes one recognize the errors of judging someone based solely on appearance and/or beliefs. In the story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, the narrator undergoes a major transformation which changes his perspective of life. Through the interactions with his wife’s friend Robert, who…...
DiversityLifePrejudiceRaymond Carver
Raymond Carver and His “Cathedral” Novel Analysis
Words • 1356
Pages • 6
Raymond Carver's Biography Raymond Carver was born on May 25, 1938. He was well known for being “the most powerful and innovative short-story writer of his generation” (May par. 1). Before the age of twenty, he had two children and was married. This situation made it difficult for him to do what he wanted, but he moved his family to California in 1958 and enrolled in Chico State College, thus fulfilling his dream of achieving a higher education. (History Reference…...
Raymond Carver
Raymond Carver Minimalism
Words • 1610
Pages • 7
Raymond Carver’s fingerprints Every writer has a deferent way of presenting his/her Ideas to readers, and that’s what makes each of them so distinctive. A famous late 20th century American short story writer and poet, Raymond Carver, has often been described by critics as a minimalist. According to an Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary a minimalist Is a person who uses very simple Ideas In their work (“Minimalist”, 881 Raymond Carver wrote a lot of great short stories and poems. Most…...
CulturePoetryRaymond Carver
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