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The Evolution and Revolution of the Contemporary Vegan
Words • 553
Pages • 3
There are many questions asked by omnivores when they are introduced to vegetarians and vegans. Usually, the who and the why’s are asked. As well as the exaggerated question of ‘Where do you get your protein?’. I will illustrate a brief history of what it means to be an omnivore and a herbivore. As well as the perspective throughout time from anthropology and contemporary point of view. I will discuss the composition of the diet including but not limited to…...
Comparative Knowledge of Mathematics and History
Words • 1817
Pages • 8
In our society today, the application and value of shared or personal knowledge have proven to greatly alter the value of that knowledge. Within this essay, I will be comparing the application of knowledge within the AOK of mathematics and History. Knowledge can be defined as knowing that is anything based on facts or opinions or anything that can be said to be either true or not true. The AOK of history can be described as recounting the events of…...
Diverse Connections
Words • 1028
Pages • 5
In Unit One, I learned a lot about what philosophy truly was. I have heard the names of philosophers before, but I never knew what those philosophers did. My knowledge of this subject was not very broad. We learned what philosophy thought about. Philosophy is all about connections. I have never thought about this until Dr. Eiswert told my class that everyone is a philosopher. This comment made me think and realize how we are constantly thinking and making connections…...
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Unraveling Roman Identity
Words • 1623
Pages • 7
For my topic, I chose the idea of a Roman Identity, at first there appeared to be a sense of Roman nationalism, however, upon diving deep into Roman culture and literature I realized that nationalism is often misapplied to Rome and is not the correct word for multiple reasons. The first reason is that there was no nation in Rome ancient Rome was a city-state. A nation allows for a sense of unity that promotes nationalism and allows people to…...
Pre-Socratic Philosophers Essay
Words • 6312
Pages • 26
“Pre-Socratic” is the look normally used to depict those Grecian minds who lived and wrote between 600 and 400 B. C. It was the Pre-Socratics who attempted to happen cosmopolitan rules which would explicate the natural universe from its beginnings to man’s topographic point in it. Although Socrates died in 399 B. C. . the term “Pre-Socratic” indicates non so much a chronological bound. but instead an mentality or scope of involvements. an mentality attacked by both Protagoras ( a…...
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