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Free essays on Polygamy are academic papers or articles that discuss the practice of having multiple spouses at the same time. These essays may explore the history and cultural background of polygamy, its role in different religions and societies, its legal status, its effects on families and children, and its controversies and challenges. Some essays may argue for or against the legalization or acceptance of polygamy, while others may take a more neutral or analytical approach. Free essays on Polygamy can provide insights into this complex and controversial topic and help readers understand different perspectives and issues related to it.
Various Aspects of Polygamy and Monogamy
Words • 682
Pages • 3
Monogamy used to be defined as a union between one man and one woman, and can now can be redefined as a union between two consenting adult partners. The first part of this definition is a centuries long tradition that is based on biblical principles, and the new definition is one that I believe is still trying to define itself. Polygamy is a “religious and cultural practice of allowing more than one spouse. It is most often practiced where a…...
The Evolution of Love
Words • 961
Pages • 4
This paper explains a thesis containing the history of the evolution of love and how it branches out to explaining multiple points on to how humans choose their mate to lead to reproductive success. The main points this paper will be covering is how pair bonds have two important components, social and sexual, and how they are measurably different in forming relationships. Also, a slight biological aspect as to how hormones play a role in how humans fall in love…...
Polygamy as a Way of Life
Words • 922
Pages • 4
Polygamy, which formerly has been hidden in the shadows of Utah and Arizona are now becoming more common and breaking free. Some people are comfortable exposing that kind of lifestyle while others frown upon it. Polygamy is the practice and tradition of marrying multiple spouses; There is no such thing as legal polygamy in the U.S. Polygamy summons both fascination and disgust. According to the information in the Woman stats database, women in polygymous communities get married younger, have more…...
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The Misconception on the Issues and Controversies Surrounding Polygamy
Words • 731
Pages • 3
Have you ever pondered the thought of having more then one spouse? Or being married to a few women or a few men at one time? Your children having a few mothers or a few fathers? This is called polygamy and seems to remain one of the last taboos. Polygamy should be legalized because it caters to our natural sexuality, benefits natural selection, and brings regulation. Polygamy is where a person has more then one spouse at one time. There…...
An Examination of the Controversial Practice of Polygamy of the Mormons
Words • 867
Pages • 4
Seven or more wives? What young boy wouldn't like the idea of having many women, not having to hide it, and it being accepted, approved off, and actually greatly supported and pushed? If you were a Mormon in the 1800s you might have practiced this custom. This is called polygamy, meaning the men were permitted and encouraged to have multiple wives. Although most people believe Mormons practice polygamy, I contend, they ceased this practice in 1890, when it became illegal…...
Sacrifice For Family Essay
Words • 2182
Pages • 9
The folllowing sample essay on Sacrifice For Family Essay discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.1. Making sacrifices The author looks at this theme from several viewpoints: to what extent are we ready to give to protect the ones we love, the difference between sexes (women seemingly being less selfish), also at sacrifice as a proof for emotions. Also, the play focuses on often…...
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Burmese Days Summary
Words • 2154
Pages • 9
Based on Orwell’s experiences as a policeman in Burma, George Orwell’s first novel presents a devastating picture of British colonial rule. It describes corruption and imperial bigotry in a society where, ‘after all, natives were natives – interesting, no doubt, but finally … an inferior people’. When Flory, a white timber merchant, befriends Indian Dr Veraswami, he defies this orthodoxy. The doctor is in danger: U Po Kyin, a corrupt magistrate, is plotting his downfall. The only thing that can…...
Cohabitation and Civil Marriage
Words • 1362
Pages • 6
The essay sample on Cohabitation Essay dwells on its problems, providing a shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down. Cohabitation is an arrangement whereby two people decide to live together on a long-term or permanent basis in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship. The term is most frequently applied to couples who are not married Reason for Cohabitation Today, cohabitation is a common pattern among people in the Western…...
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