Polygamy as a Way of Life

Polygamy, which formerly has been hidden in the shadows of Utah and Arizona are now becoming more common and breaking free. Some people are comfortable exposing that kind of lifestyle while others frown upon it. Polygamy is the practice and tradition of marrying multiple spouses; There is no such thing as legal polygamy in the U.S. Polygamy summons both fascination and disgust. According to the information in the Woman stats database, women in polygymous communities get married younger, have more children, have higher rates of HIV infection than men, and sustain more domestic violence, rivalry, sexual abuse like rape and incest, manslaughter and poverty are sometimes outcomes of a polygamous setup.

This research paper provides insight and analysis on polygamy.

Have you ever thought of the idea of having more than one wife or husband? For the vast majority of us, we have dependably been taught and educated from a young age that a normal relationship is and should be between two people only.

One man and one woman, and that anything beyond that are not considered normal or healthy. In the animal kingdom, polygamy is not strange or unusual. But in society seeing a couple of three or more living in one household is abnormal. There are places in the world where polygamy is perfectly normal, accepted, and most definitely not looked down upon. Most would agree that the family structure, the most basic dynamic of human society, works best in a monogamous structured.

In diverse cultures around the globe having relationships with more than one partner at the same time has been condoned and justified in the original scriptures of various faiths and different beliefs, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and many more.

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For instance, it was expressed in the Bible that Solomon had as many as 700 wives. While it is illegal in all 50 states many still exercise polygamy in secrecy. Kody Brown of Sister Wives is only legally married to one wife and is in a ‘spiritual union” meaning spiritually married to his other wives.

I believe that ethics come from the society you belong too. It’s all about what society has told us as well as the media portraying an image and an identity. Most likely the image that we can see in our own mind is that polygamy is a constrained and pressured lifestyle rather than an option, as well as it is harsh and oppressive to women young girls are being forced to wed older men. In the polygamy lifestyle, the majority of the children are victims of sexual and physical abuse. Polygamy causes young girls to be viewed as sex objects and articles and young boys represent competition and rivalry. Whereas for women, they, for the most part, become stripped and deprived of their money and experience competing against the other wives, it is typical and expected for men to have multiple relationships, for instance, Hugh Hefner, who was not seen as an intimidator or abuser had multiple girlfriends at once. The ratings for his TV show were high, people enjoyed watching Hue Hefner’s lifestyle on tv for many years.

A new study demonstrates that in spite of what you see on reality TV, plural marriage isn’t very good for society, it is shown that polygamy has many negative impacts.  Polygamy can be the cause for abuse of power. Polygamy can encourage the idea that women are considered objects that men can own, it brings jealousy and it can lead to abuse. Polygamy is morally wrong, it prevents healthy and loving relationships from developing, and it can negatively affect children. In 2011 a jury in Texas, convicted Warren Jeffs of child sexual assault by having intercourse with a 15-year-old and aggravated sexual assault of a 12-year-old. Those two young girls that Jeff was convicted of abusing were his wives. His congregation calls these unions “spiritual marriages” the state calls it polygamy and illegal. Jeff is the leader of the fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints, which declares at least 10,000 members and believes that polygamy is the key to heaven.

In conclusion, some agree that polygamy is ethical while others disagree and say polygamy is unethical, Polygamy is a personal choice. What works for one may not work for all and vice versa. I don’t think that polygamy works in today’s society. The only way to keep women in it is to suppress their rights to the point that they can’t support themselves. This means that half of the population isn’t part of the economy, just a drain on it. It’s not healthy for anyone involved in that lifestyle and way of life. Worse than good comes from a polygamist lifestyle. Some are forced and some make their own choice to be a part of it, either way, you chose it causes damage and multiple effects in the long run for everyone involved. Shows such as escaping polygamy show what that lifestyle is really like and the majority of those young children are looking for a way out of it.  A polygamist lifestyle makes it okay for older men have intercourse and relationships with young girls who are not of the legal age. Young boys have to grow up faster and become men and are required to provide for their several wives and children. The majority can’t provide for everyone and end up depending on the government or living in poverty. They are unable to afford health care and many other resources that they need. Polygamy is illegal for a reason.

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