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Free essays on altruism are written by individuals who believe in the concept of selflessness and the act of doing good for the benefit of others. These essays explore the various aspects of altruism, including its definition, its moral and ethical implications, and its impact on society. They may also discuss the psychological and evolutionary factors behind altruistic behavior, as well as the different types of altruism that exist. The essays aim to increase awareness and understanding of this important topic and its potential to create a better world.
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In these videos, there are different opinions regarding altruism, some said it's honorable and inspiring. However, Ayn Rand regarded altruism as evil. Rand believes that if a person is being selfish, they would be able to have self-empowerment and self-esteem to use their talents and intelligence as best they can. I disagree with her that altruism is evil. It is important to have altruism in part of our lives because it will benefit the community, so they can thrive and…...
AltruismAyn Rand
Analysis of an Article on the Ethical Selfishness of James Rachels
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In his paper on Ethical Egoism, James Rachels also goes deeply into the world of psychological egoism, discussing whether or not people always act in their self interest alone. I will also examine the ways the psychological egoist can argue as to why acts of altruism are self-interested, and then I will provide my own argument on the same point. I will next go over two instances of arguments against psychological egoism, including Bishop Joseph Butler’s famous argument with Psychological…...
Book Review on the Selfish Gene
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The Selfish Gene, a popular science book which was first published by Richard Dawkins in 1976 was set to challenge the views and beliefs of scientists on natural selection; as stated in the introduction of this book. Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist, science-writer and ethologist (Poythress,2019). He disagrees that the ‘’important thing in evolution is the good of the species.” but rather, it is all about the replication and the survival of the gene throughout generations. Even though Dawkins…...
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Everyone Chooses to Be Selfish or Altruistic
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I never gave much thought to either of these before this class, but upon reading articles and research I believe that everyone is a little of both whether to be more egoistic or altruistic, the choice depends on the person and the circumstances in how they live their lives. If a person has everyday needs that are not being met might be a bit more egoistic to live from one day to the next. And on the other hand, if…...
Altruism Examples
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Altruism is something people do from their heart. However, they do not look for anything in return. Altruism is another word for “a random act of kindness”. The story that was chosen is about a six-year-old boy by the name of Dylan. Every day, he would bring an extra lunch to school for another boy, whom he thought did not have any money for lunches. The definition of altruism will be examined as well as the act itself being explored.…...
The Misunderstanding of Reciprocal Altruism by the Society
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The public has always had a bad taste in its mouth about evolution. There are many people who dismiss it as bogus, stating that there is no proof behind it; that evolution is made up by atheist scientists who want to ruin religion. This is not true though; there are many religious people who believe evolution. That is just one of the many misunderstandings of evolution. The public needs to know that evolution has been one of the most intensely…...
The Inability of Altruism to Co-exist with Psychological Egoism
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After reading the Tale of Gyges, it is easy to see an extreme version of psychological egoism. Meaning that the one thing that motivates humans to do something, is their own self interest. However, there is also an argument that altruism exists. Altruism means that one can have the desire to benefit others without an ulterior motive. After reading this definition I posed the question of, can altruism exist when psychological egoism is present? The simple answer, is that altruism…...
An Overview of Egoism and Altruism in Society
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Human beings make difficult decisions that may, or may not concern them every day. The main difference between these two aspects of social interactions mainly revolves around the reasons that drive an individual towards engaging in a particular act. Egoism is an approach towards socialization whereby an individual is less concerned with other people's interests but rather concerns himself with self-interests and needs. On the other hand, people who are friendly and helpful and whom most of the times volunteer…...
Ldrship Army Values
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Bing in the United States Army. we are taught non merely how to equilibrate work and drama. household manner. and calling manner. soldier and civilian manner. but besides many other things about life. and the manner you should move. Like the manner we are taught to ever keep our caput high. no affair what is dragging us down. And the manner we are taught to esteem people. no affair how incorrect the incorrect making was that they had done to…...
AltruismArmyCourageIntegrityMilitaryUnited States Army
Im Not Scared Essay
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This sample essay on Im Not Scared Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.However this also demonstrates the idea that people are capable of making their own moral choices and are able to show compassion and selflessness in times of need. Bullying is explored throughout the novel and is used to further demonstrate man’s capacity for evil, this is enhanced…...
Altruism: Selfless Concern for Others
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The following sample essay on "Altruism" explores the concept of being active in selfless concern for the welfare of others. Is a person capable of self-renunciation? Altruism voluntary helping behaviour involving empathy, that offers no apparent self-gain which is of benefit to another individual without selfishness. Empathy altruism hypothesis a theory that believes helping behaviour is initiated when empathy is felt towards another individual. Supporters of this theory is Daniel Batson (1991) how states empathy altruism helping is dependent on…...
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