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The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking
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This quote is the epitome of what this whole book is about. What that means exactly well to put it in simple words it’s your un subconscious doing the thinking for you without you even knowing it. Malcolm Gladwell has a good representation of this throughout the entire book. He helps support his idea by using literary terms such as logos, tone, imagery, and allusion. In the first part of this book Gladwell introduces the concept of “priming” and there…...
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“How David Defeats Goliath” Gladwell
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In the article by Malcolm Gladwell, Gladwell talks about numerous different stories about underdogs that don’t always have the disadvantage. The story that sparked my interest was the story about a deficient girls basketball team. Gladwell talks about a girls basketball team coached by Vivek Ranadive. The girls basketball team was very small in size and inexperienced in playing the game of basketball which made them very weak opponents and competitors. Gladwell states that only two girls were experienced basketball…...
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