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Face To Face Malcolm Gladwell
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Part I. Summary“The Naked Face” is an article by Malcom Gladwell in which he provides both his personal experiences and results of scientific research in a particular field of psychiatry and physiology: namely how our face reflects our thoughts and moods. He brings in numerous examples to make the article as vivid and illustrative as possible.The article starts with a story of a policeman John Yarbrough, who had an accident which is quite usual for policemen. He had to face…...
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Malcolm Gladwell Genre
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Judging someone or something, good or bad, is a natural habit we all have. Malcolm Gladwell says “The ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behavior based on very narrow slices of experiences” (23). This sentence explains the theory of “thin-slicing” which are the snap judgments we make is and small amount of time. They are a part of the unconscious mind, which is the automatic response process we have when it comes to memory, motivation, thought…...
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