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Kuklis Klan
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"Guilty of 4 killings, one mutilation, one blinding by acid, 41floggings, 27 tar-and-feather parties, 5 kidnappings, 43 warnings to leave town, and 16 parades at which threatening placards were carried."(Meltzer 2). – New York World, October 1921Who are these people who would be so audacious as to commit these crimes? This is the work of the Ku Klux Klan and from their innocent start to their rebirth and revival, through their power highs and lows; the Klan has always been…...
American Civil WarKu Klux KlanPoliticsTerrorismUnited States
Movie Overview – Mississippi Burning
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In this scene from Mississippi Burning, directed by Alan parker, there are many key aspects of the church scene. I am analyzing the following film techniques that show the conflict between the races of the blacks and whites of Mississippi. The film techniques I am covering are camera shots, lighting, and sound. I am also analyzing the attitudes of the characters in the scene. The director’s purpose was to show how the Negroes couldn’t get on with their daily life…...
Ku Klux Klan
The history of Ku Klux Klan
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Ku Klux Klan is the name mainly given to two distinct secret societies that played a part in American history, although other less important groups have also used the name. Thefirst Ku Klux Klan was an organisation that thrived in the South during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. The second was a nation-wide organisation that flourished after World War I. Subsequent groups calling themselves the Ku Klux Klan sprang up in much of the South after World War…...
InjusticeKu Klux KlanPoliticsRacismSocial IssuesUnited States
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1301 US HIST The United States History Ch.23 Quiz
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What characterized the period Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover described as New Era in 1920? b.A freewheeling economy and a heightened sense of individualism America's return to a peacetime economy in 1920-1921 was marked by? d. a 20% unemployment rate, highest to date In its efforts to create prosperity at home, the Harding administration supported? a. high tariffs to protect American businesses. President Harding's administration was characterized by c. scandals that involved many members of his administration President Calvin Coolidge's…...
CapitalismFlashcardsGreat DepressionKu Klux KlanPoliticsUnited States
Elvis Presley
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What can you learn from Source A about Elvis Presley's impact on popular music in the USA in 1955? (6) Source A is an article from a magazine called 'Billboard', a US magazine on 3rd March 1956. It is a positive article for Elvis Presley as it promotes his success that he has achieved. The source states that he has six hit singles on the RCA Victor label's hit lit of top 25 best sellers. It also goes on to…...
AdolescenceElvis PresleyKu Klux KlanMusicReason
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