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Movie Overview – Mississippi Burning Paper

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In this scene from Mississippi Burning, directed by Alan parker, there are many key aspects of the church scene. I am analyzing the following film techniques that show the conflict between the races of the blacks and whites of Mississippi. The film techniques I am covering are camera shots, lighting, and sound. I am also analyzing the attitudes of the characters in the scene. The director’s purpose was to show how the Negroes couldn’t get on with their daily life without out being poorly treated by the white people of Mississippi, particularly the members of the KKK.

A key aspect of this scene is the camera shots used to show the tension and panic of the black people when the Ku Klux Klan attack. The two shot of Frank Bailey standing over Aaron shows that the KKK have power and strength over the black people. The way in which Frank is standing on top of Aaron, who is kneeling on the ground, is in a very threatening stance. It shows that the KKK was very powerful at this time in history. The Negroes were scared of the KKK and the way that Frank is standing over Aaron who is kneeling down praying shows how vulnerable the blacks were to the KKK. It also shows the religious beliefs that the Negroes had in God that he would be looking out for them and protecting them. Frank is a member of both the Mississippi police department and the KKK. In the southern states of America in the 1960’s police were often involved in racist gang activity, just like Frank. In the long shot of a group of KKK members you see them waiting for the black people to come out of the church. The way they are standing seems relaxed, and they know that they are a lot stronger, even though they are outnumbered. My first thought was that the black people should have fought back since they had more people so would have won. However, on further thought, I realize that if they had fought back and the white majority found out, then they would have executed them. Back in 1…

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Movie Overview – Mississippi Burning Movie Overview – Mississippi Burning Movie Overview – Mississippi Burning

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