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Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
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Sir Isaac Newtown revolutionised our understanding of physical forces when in 1687, via his famous work ‘Principia’ he introduced his ‘law of gravity’ (Newton, 1687), presenting an equation which showed a gravitational attraction between any two objects. Until that time, all forces arose when two objects pushed or pulled each other using physical contact, yet Newton’s new force operated across empty space, for example, between the earth and the moon, which Newton himself described as “action at a distance” (Rothman,…...
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton Changed the World While in Quarantine
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Far from Cambridge and the epidemic that left 100,000 dead, the scientist still found time to start his studies on calculus and optics. Feeling idle during quarantine? How about discovering the next theory that will change the direction of science? This is what Isaac Newton did when the University of Cambridge released his students to return home and take cover from London's Great Plague, an epidemic of bubonic plague that affected England between 1665 and 1666. Back at the Woolsthorpe…...
Isaac Newton
Biography of Isaac Newton, Mathematician and Scientist
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Sir Isaac Newton was a mathematician and stargazer from the seventeenth century. His work and developments committed a great deal to the math and science that we use today. How about we start from the earliest starting point. Sir Isaac Newton was conceived on January fourth, 1643 in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He was the main child of a prosperous rancher who was likewise named Isaac who kicked the bucket three months before he was conceived. Newton was an untimely infant,…...
Isaac Newton
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Paul Of Tarsus Contribution To Christianity Essay
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There are many Apostles and Saints who propagated the message of Christianity across the world. Among these St. Paul is one of the more prominent. Also referred to as Apostle Paul or Paul of Tarsus, this early missionary carried the message of Jesus Christ to unchartered geographies and its people. His contribution to the writing of New Testament is widely recognized. Though he started his life as a devout Jew, his acceptance of Jesus Christ as a messenger of God…...
ChristianityCultureIsaac NewtonTheology
Calculus Basics: Limits, Functions, Derivatives, Integrals, and Series
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Calculus is the study of change which focuses on limits, functions, derivaties, integrals, and infinite series. There are two main branches of calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus, which are connected by the fundamental theorem of calculus. It was discovered by two different men in the seventeenth century. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz – a self taught German mathematician – and Isaac Newton – an English scientist – both developed calculus in the 1680s. Calculus is used in a wide variety of…...
CalculusGeometryIsaac NewtonMathematicsPhysics
Applying Math to Real Life
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I think that many math topics have meaning and relevancy and are dependent on the path one takes in terms of finding real world application. For example, sports is largely dependent on sports. Decisions are made based regarding playing time as well as strategy based on percentages. In baseball, there is a strong use of math. Managers have to make decisions on which pitchers to start and, especially so in games of importance, those decisions are predicated upon statistical reality.…...
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