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Free essays on Homeland Security are academic papers that focus on various aspects of national security management. They cover topics such as counterterrorism measures, border control, emergency management, cybersecurity, intelligence gathering, and public safety. These essays provide insights into the policies, strategies, and technologies used to protect citizens and critical infrastructure from internal and external threats. They also assess the effectiveness of the government's response to emergencies and crises, and the ethical considerations related to national security measures. Students and researchers can use these essays as reference materials to enhance their understanding of Homeland Security issues and to develop their own research projects on the subject.
The Event Of 9/11
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Pages • 6
The is a point in American history where we can point to as a change in America’s stance on international, national, and individual security. The basic definition of security is the state of being free from danger or threat. As a nation, this concept was put into question with the attack on American cities and citizens. Because of this attack, internationally we have the war on terror, and nationally the creation of Homeland Security. With these efforts to feel secure…...
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The  War On Terrorism
Words • 1701
Pages • 7
The war on terror shows that the criminal justice system faces many ethical hurdles when it comes to terrorism and counter-terrorism. Professionals in this specialty will face many decisions that will test their moral values that can consist of citizens security, freedom, privacy, and even their human rights. Ethical decision making plays a vital role when it comes to counter-terrorism. Many changes arose throughout the intelligence community since 1947, but most significant changes came after the horrific attacks that happened…...
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Emergency Response Plans
Words • 834
Pages • 4
Chain of Command Structure Tucson is a small city with a population of roughly 500,000. We have our assigned local law enforcement (LLE), medical first responders, fire department & utility responders. When encountering a situation involving a WMD there is a chain of command that has to be abided by. When receiving data about a possible act of terrorism the first responders, clinicians, emergency rooms, hospitals, mass care providers, & emergency management personnel are given the top priority (FEMA, 2002,…...
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Develop Global Security Professionals
Words • 698
Pages • 3
The United States Department of Homeland Security is a department of the United States government. Their responsibilities in public security, is similar to the inner or home departments of other states. American security umbrella stands for this motto, “the efforts to ensure homeland that provide safely and resilient against terrorism and other harmful things (Center for Immigrations, 2019). The assemblies are included for citizens and external business as well. There are emergency response and recovery and there is technology research.…...
Homeland SecuritySecurityTerrorism
The Advantages and Risks of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense
Words • 692
Pages • 3
Homeland security is a federal agency whose aim is protecting the United States against threats. In addition, the department of homeland security coordinates the country's overall critical infrastructure and key resources protection efforts. Moreover, it monitors the National Infrastructure Protection Plan implementation, development, as well as integration with national preparedness initiatives. In terms of mission, the department's mission is to lead efforts meant to achieve a secure, safe and resilient homeland. Furthermore, the department aims at countering terrorism and enhancing…...
Homeland Security
A Description of Terrorism and Other Homeland Security Threats
Words • 1598
Pages • 7
Homeland Security Threats "It's a little after 9 A.M., at Ronald Reagan National Airport, and a middle aged man of indeterminate nationality has his hand in my pants. He's not very far down into them, barely over the belt line, but a little of this sort of thing goes a long way" (Goldberg 29). This sort of thing, airline security, has reached a new level resulting from the 9/11 tragedy. The quiet solitude stemming from an early morning layover in…...
Homeland Security
ACLU Sues DOJ & DHS Officials
Words • 537
Pages • 3
ACLU of Illinois Sues Justice Department and Homeland Security Officials over Failure to Release Racial Profiling Data August 13,2003 The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois asked a federal court to order the release of data that will help the public determine whether federal law enforcement agencies are engaged in racial profiling. On June 9,1999 the president then-President Bill Clinton, ordered "Fairness in Law Enforcement: Data Collection" which mandates collection of data regarding contacts between Law enforcement officials and members…...
Homeland Security
The Cost-Effectiveness of the Department of Homeland Security
Words • 566
Pages • 3
Introduction Cost effectiveness simply relates cost to the results of an action. In the case of Department of Homeland Security, the department had made some significant improvement yet more emphasis was needed to steer the department forward as far as its objectives are concerned. The Government Accountant did an investigation to find the cost-effectiveness of the department and discovered that the Department was faced with poor resource allocation, difficulties in implementation of major programs and weak internal control system. Discussion…...
Homeland Security
Dept of Homeland Security in the US
Words • 451
Pages • 2
From the time America won it's freedom back a little more than two and a half centuries ago, America has run into many problems. Some being natural disasters and some being terrorist attacks. But who is in charge of keeping the peace? Who has the responsibility and intergrity to hold America's head high during these troublesome times, and be able to take initiative to find a way to prevent it from happening in the future for generations to come? I'll…...
Homeland Security
A Description of the Effects That Terrorism Has Had on Homeland Security
Words • 556
Pages • 3
The Effects Terrorism has had on Homeland Security Due to the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the U.S., efforts to fortify homeland economic security is being discussed. The terrorist attacks have affected cities everywhere, including their budgets, economies, and security. U.S. mayors from all over the U.S. are coming together now calling for financial aid for the increasing budget for public safety. The nation's Mayors and Governors are faced with unprecedented, permanent responsibilities and challenges in providing more…...
Homeland Security
Law Enforcement Agencies Under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Words • 633
Pages • 3
Describe the law enforcement agencies under the jurisdiction of the department of homeland security and their responsibilities. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in direct response to the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. Since that time, however, its jurisdiction has increased and there are many separate agencies and functions of the DHS. There are four major law enforcement agencies within the DHS, all with very important functions that promote the domestic security of the United States. The…...
Homeland Security
Privacy Versus National Security
Words • 545
Pages • 3
Personally, I believe that everyone should have the right to privacy and not be monitored or revised but because of the numerous of events that cause tragedies, people might not have the same privilege to privacy as before and because of all the threats, shootings and violence posted on social media, privacy seems to be something that must be taken away. I can see and understand why privacy seems like it is being taken away by individuals, and that is…...
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Polices to Defend the Homeland Against Cyber Threats
Words • 2778
Pages • 12
This paper highlights the need for the United States to improve its cybersecurity based on growing interconnected and vulnerable technology-based society. There are numerous adversaries looking to take advantage of the anonymity and cost-effective attack options presented in cyberspace. Adversaries that previously had limited ability to attack the U.S. are discovering ways to attack our most critical infrastructure. The United States must take action to deter these attacks by denying them access to critical systems and withholding information about vulnerable…...
Computer SecurityHomeland SecuritySecurity
Ethics & Laws in Homeland Security 
Words • 644
Pages • 3
I’m not sure if I have already been that innocent citizen that has had their information surveillance if so, I don’t mind. The reason I’m careless about that topic is that I have nothing to hide. Nevertheless, some citizens do not have anything to hide like me but are opposed to these random searches which I could understand their view. Its something that is considered unethical by millions. Why have our privacy violated for the actions of some? I definitely…...
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Running head: Homeland Security
Words • 1481
Pages • 6
Abstract I will attempt to develop a information paper to address the ramifications of the department of homeland security jurisdiction, mission, and responsibilities. I will also try and analyze hazards whether manmade or technological, and naturally occurring both domestic and foreign hazards and terrorism. I have been appointed an action officer at my local jurisdiction office of homeland security. This office was created by the mayor as a medium size jurisdiction. The city manager’s office includes dual responsibilities in most…...
GovernmentHomeland SecurityTerrorism
Department of Homeland Security About to Prevent Damage and Grief
Words • 1419
Pages • 6
Founded in 2002 as a result of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the United States Department of Homeland Security has been protecting citizens of the U.S. using a number of agencies and occupations. The 9/11 attack was a devastating tragedy that shook the country and left a scar on everyone’s hearts. It was random and unpredictable which is some of the reason why it was so frightening. Because we were not entirely prepared and could not prevent the…...
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Office of Homeland Security Executive Order 13228
Words • 558
Pages • 3
Executive Order 13228 set up the Office of Homeland Security, which was reported under President George W. Bush. This request, tasked to create and actualize a national system to arrange government, state, and nearby counter-terrorism warfare endeavors to verify the nation from and react to fear-based terrorism dangers or assaults, and the Homeland Security Council. This request came after the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001. With the attacks and individuals acknowledging there was an away from in the security…...
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Life Cycle Logistics
Words • 1932
Pages • 8
The folllowing sample essay on Life Cycle Logistics discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.As a brief description of the subject in the study, the life cycle of logistics can also be maximized through establishing effective management organizing efforts to maintain a certain company’s operational structure that will avoid or prevent errors and mismanagement that can take place within the corporation. In this…...
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