Privacy Versus National Security

Personally, I believe that everyone should have the right to privacy and not be monitored or revised but because of the numerous of events that cause tragedies, people might not have the same privilege to privacy as before and because of all the threats, shootings and violence posted on social media, privacy seems to be something that must be taken away. I can see and understand why privacy seems like it is being taken away by individuals, and that is because many people tend to send messages via text or through Facebook Messenger and talk about illegal acts and planning things that are against the laws of the United States.

I heard a case one time about a young boy coming from Mexico to the United States with a tourist visa. At the airport at which he arrived her in the U.S, Homeland Security and Immigration decided to do a check on him and his electronics.

While officers were checking the young man’s social media and messages, they found messages between him and an aunt, where the young man mentioned to his aunt that he had intentions of working and making money here in the United States, when the visa that he was granted was not for work, but rather it was for visiting the country and family members.

Recently, it is known that Apple is going against to help law enforcement with information that they need, and that Apple has the way to do so. As Stuart Baker said, “If you have a unique ability to help law enforcement, and law enforcement cannot solve the problem on its own, you have an obligation to assist law enforcement.

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This has been true for hundreds of years, well before the United States was founded.” He made that statement because companies like Apple would not cooperate with helping law enforcement on needed information for investigations. The only reason why national security is being strict is because many violence acts have been committed because too much privacy has been given without enough prevention.

Seeing how dangerous our country is getting and with all these shootings, I am in favor of more checks and investigation because that is the only way that violence can be reduced and terminated. It is hard for everyone to pay because of some who do illegal acts, but if checks are needed for the security of the people, then it must be done. I agree that if we have a way to help law enforcement either by testimony, information or something we can do, then we should do it. The reason we are not in complete disaster is because law enforcement and national security are always busy and preventing dangerous events from happening. It is logical that law enforcement cannot control everything and that is why certain tragedies happen, but if citizens and technology companies are a pathway to prevent violence, then why not cooperate? Many people might feel that their privacy is being restricted and it might feel like it is an invasion of privacy and against their rights. All though it can seem like an invasion of privacy, but if law enforcement has suspicion and probable cause of something strange and it leads to revision, then it must be done.

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