Video Surveillance vs Privacy

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Today, the use of modern technologies is characterized; particularly the application of surveillance camera systems, whose system in their own opinion and that of many make up a large part of the contribution to the security, prevention and elimination of crime, theft, fighting, sales of illicit substances and prostitution, therefore, The use of this technology has enough points in favor to say: yes! The increase in surveillance cameras in public places is quite positive.

Video surveillance cameras have been proliferating in many parts of the world for years, and, understandably, questions such as: What happens to our privacy ?, The right to security, the right to the protection of private life ?, One prevails the other? in theory, all citizens enjoy or at least we should be able to enjoy the legal assets of society, so the right to privacy and intimacy will not disappear when we leave our home, because although once we leave our homes We do not have the same level of privacy on the street as we do at home, the use of surveillance cameras is and must be understood and seen as a benefit and contribution to our safety and integrity and not as something that would affect us, since It is very true that individually when we walk on public roads and when we use urban transport, we feel safer with these surveillance systems, and in the same way, criminals are limited to committing criminal acts for fear of being captured and punished.

legally, this being said based on the precedents, Gill and Spriggs (2005) who mention that the installation of urban video surveillance cameras can to reduce the commission of crimes in the surrounding areas, not only because the presence of cameras increases the risk perceived by criminals of being caught, they also do so because of the perception of security of the inhabitants of the area increases, which favors the use the streets more frequently; which in turn causes an increase in the natural surveillance of these areas.

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There is no doubt that the installation of surveillance cameras leads to positive consequences, since they are also a great contribution to security entities whose work is to circulate through the streets and avenues, also considering that the installation of a few surveillance cameras as it is much cheaper than having two, four or six police officers in each of the places where each city is concerned, it’s more! The example of London is applauded, where they have a patrol destined solely to go to places where the cameras detect in real-time the commission of a crime.

We must raise awareness! This technology is managed by trained personnel to guarantee the daily well-being of citizens through a longer, more intense, and detailed surveillance.

Concern about the constitutional rights of our security and privacy is logical, but it is certainly possible to find a balance between them to ensure that the means used for their protection do not cause a deterioration of the state; it can be seen in the investigation that Ratcliffe, Taniguchi, and Taylor (2009) carried out in Philadelphia, where crime was reduced by 13% … this is just one example of what has been and can continue to be achieved.

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