The Impact of Government Surveillance on Internet Activities

It is worth mentioning that when the government starts surveillance on internet activities, the internet might become less attractive. Furthermore, art, culture, innovation, scientific research, and freedom of expression will be compromised and hence limited with regards to production. The central question behind this idea is, why would the government monitor everything that people are doing online? It might be an attempt to increase security on the internet level due to the multiple crime cases being planned online without leaving a trace.

Also, it might include restrictions and laws on the type and level of activity that should take place online to ensure safety and order in the real world.

However, the internet is currently popular due to the high freedom facilitated by the web. Its popularity is due to the level of help it offers to the users. People are now posting many things on the internet, and therefore, it is easy to find most things on the web. Notably, individuals post such things because there are no significant restrictions or parties that monitor individual online activity.

Therefore, when the government starts monitoring these activities, the great freedom on the internet will be compromised. People will be cautious of what they post to avoid being confronted or sanctioned by the government.

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Most arts, culture and research which are popular on the internet since they are not available in the real world that is surveyed by the government would ultimately be doomed. Besides, these useful publications will be biased by the fear of surveillance, confrontation and conviction by the government.

Individual businesses and various transactions that take place online will be limited since most people prefer privacy when it comes to personal matters. The current trends in social media will be affected, and most activity will be reduced and limited. People will no longer interact freely as it is seen today where social network users are posting their pictures and videos. Social networks are currently contributing to the highgrowth of the overall web. Besides, the different ventures being sought online will now be limited, and the increasing development of the web will be reduced. Most of these activities take place because of the level of privacy and freedom created by the internet. Human beings are free and prefer autonomy. Therefore, the ultimate growth of the web will be flawed, and people might invent more confidential approaches on interaction.

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