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Free essays on Harriet Tubman are academic papers and research materials that you can access for free online. These essays provide insights into the life and legacy of the legendary abolitionist and civil rights activist, Harriet Tubman. You can find essays that explore her early life as a slave, her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and her contributions to the Union army during the Civil War. Other essays examine the impact of Tubman's activism on the fight for African American rights and freedom. These essays can be a great resource for students, researchers, and history buffs who want to learn more about one of America's most inspiring and courageous figures.
American Hero Harriet Tubman
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The United States was built on slavery. During the 17th and 18th centuries, slavery in America grew to be a huge business. The slaves were Africans being shipped into the US by the thousands. They came from all over the continent and mostly worked in the Southern states, and some in the North. At one point in the 1800s there were approximately 4 million African slaves living in the United States (History, 2009). During this time Araminta Ross, or better…...
AbolitionismHarriet TubmanSlavery
The Event Would Memorialize Tubman as a Campaigner for the Anti-slavery Movement
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The protestors managed to get Charles on a skiff, unfortunately, he was recaptured on the other side of the river. Nalle was returned to the judge’s office were protestors, led by Tubman, forced themselves through the door rescuing Charles again. They placed him on the first wagon they saw sending him in West. This event would immortalize Tubman as a warrior for the Anti-Slavery movement. Harriet was a black woman who is to be admired for her strength and courage.…...
American Civil WarHarriet TubmanSlavery
Portrayal of the Life of Harriet Tubman
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“Harriet” did an incredible job of pulling you into the emotions of what it was to be a slave in the 17th century, pulling you down into the lowest points and bringing you up into what must have been indescribable joy to meet freedom. At every turn I felt a part of her story and engaged in her journey which is an important element in a well-done film. The relationships in this film and in Harriet’s story were important and…...
EmpathyFictionHarriet Tubman
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Heroic Story About the Route Through America
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Everyone has probably heard of the Underground Railroad. We all know the heroic tale of a route through America that helped slaves travel from the South to the North with the help of a well known woman, Harriet Tubman. Other influential people such as Frederick Douglass, Levi Coffin, white abolitionists, and people in Northern States were also major factors in the affairs of the Underground Railroad that account for the great influences of this slave rebellion system. Ideas of abolishing…...
AmericaHarriet Tubman
Thousands of Wounds, Thousands Of Deaths
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The American Civil War was one of the bloodiest and most devastating wars in history. The results of this war are still remembered, and have shaped the country and the values it has today. In those times of absolute chaos, men were not the only ones who influenced the outcome of this war. Although women like Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth were not acknowledged until years after the war ended, they inspired women and gained the respect from…...
American Civil WarHarriet Tubman
Dorchester County, Maryland, Small County
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A small county where big things happened. An event so big that it lasted and impacted the states almost 200 hundred years later. Here lies the birthplace of Araminta Ross, better know as Harriet Tubman. Around 1825 Araminta Ross was born to her mother Harriet Green and Father, Ben Ross. Known to them as “minty”, Araminta was pure of an African Ancestry. She was the fifth of nine. Minty had four brothers and four sisters, all born into slavery. At…...
Current EventsHarriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman Secondary Sources
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The Civil War project I chose is on Harriet Ross Tubman.Harriet was born around 1820s and died in 1913.Harriet was well-known as “Minty” because originally her name was Araminta but Minty for short.Harriet got hit in the head by an iron weight by an angry overseer at another fleeing slave, and that lead to her suffering headaches for the rest of her life. Harriet was a Union spy, scout and a nurse.Overall, Harriet Tubman was an amazing woman that inspired…...
CommunicationHarriet TubmanSlavery
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