Harriet Tubman Secondary Sources

The Civil War project I chose is on Harriet Ross Tubman.Harriet was born around 1820s and died in 1913.Harriet was well-known as “Minty” because originally her name was Araminta but Minty for short.Harriet got hit in the head by an iron weight by an angry overseer at another fleeing slave, and that lead to her suffering headaches for the rest of her life. Harriet was a Union spy, scout and a nurse.Overall, Harriet Tubman was an amazing woman that inspired thousands of people.

While I was researching on Harriet Tubman, I thought finding a secondary souse was a lot easier than finding a primary source.The primary sources I found do support the secondary sources because they are both about Harriet Tubman.The sources are both about Harriet Tubman but in different ways.The primary sources were not about when Harriet was born and when she died, but the letter Harriet wrote gave excellent information as to what she did during her time and also, the map gave routes on how Harriet helped free slaves.

The secondary sources were about Harriet’s life from when she was born to her death.The primary sources do not disagree with the secondary sources that I found on Tubman.I found all of my information online to get my primary and secondary sources. The secondary sources had a lot more information than the primary sources, either the information is accurate or not.Finding a primary source is a lot harder to find because people have to actually find letters, diaries, pictures, maps, etc.

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in that time period to make the information as accurate.Find secondary sources, you would have to have primary sources and general knowledge about that time period to make the information as accurate as possible. Primary sources are more reliable because they are the most accurate information, and that showed in researching for maps, letters, and pictures from Harriet Tubman’s time period.Even though primary sources are harder to fin…

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Harriet Tubman Secondary Sources
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