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The Future of National Identification
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The New York Times article A National I.D the author suggests National identification cards could be a step in the direction of totalitarianism, if not addressed properly. The point of view is outlined by security risks, an over-reaching government, and visions of an unstable future society. The writer offers strong, suggestive language, and theoretical situations to express their point of view. The article has strong opinions expressed about security. The writer is talking about a New York City Council member…...
Civil Liberties
A Thin Line Between Freedom and Security
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There is a thin line between freedom and security. The United States of America has laws in place to protect citizens of their rights but what about providing security? Having the freedom to virtually do what we want puts a damper of being secure.  Sometimes citizens give up some of their privacy unintentionally in return for better security. For example, Apple could unlock my phone and they would have access to all my personal information if they don’t already. Because I choose to use the…...
Civil Liberties
Racial Justice and Civil Liberties
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It’s the official end of reconstruction, and the African American race has seen the promise given for their rights as the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments are placed into the constitution. However; it is quickly seen that these promises of equality will not be kept for long. This started with state laws such as the Louisiana Separate Cart Act and other discriminative laws such as Jim Crow Laws. According to historian, C. Van Woodward stated that white and black…...
Civil Liberties
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Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
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You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to vote. You have the right to privacy. Majority of Americans are familiar with these rights but many do not understand the difference between these civil liberties and civil rights. The aforementioned are civil liberties. Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms that are guaranteed. These are identified in the Bill of Right and the Constitution or through legislatures. One such liberty is The First Amendment: provides that Congress…...
Civil Liberties
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
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Now, many believe that these two things are very similar and often get them confused, but they consistent of many differences. That make them into their own distinct topic; lets us talk about some of these differences. One of the first major difference is how Civil Liberties are not absolute meaning that they can be infringed if a national threat to security, public safety, or conflict with another right arises. An example of this would be the “war on terrorism”,…...
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Civil Liberties and Rights of the United States
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The United States Constitution has assured the people their own civil liberties and rights. Some of these liberties have given us the rights to believe, to speak, and to freely act. Throughout the history of our state, these liberties have been established, battled for, and even abused. There have been many events in our history where the freedoms created by our founding fathers have been misused. One of the examples where someone’s civil liberties were tested is the court case…...
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Oath of Allegiance Where It Talks About Freedom and Justice
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The Pledge of Allegiance was published in 1892, stating that everyone has liberty and justice. This was a confusing statement to many minorities because they had never felt like they had been close equal. These civil pledges and liberties were always thought to be the best for the community, but many attacks happened because of the flaws in our society. The attacks on civil liberties today are similar to the attacks on civil liberties during the World War I era,…...
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200 Argumentative Essay Topics by Category
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Argumentative Essay Topics List Our team has gathered the most comprehensive essay topics list for you to make a choice and get writing your essay right away. Waste no time and start picking up your topic! Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics Should racial profiling be a legitimate law enforcement policy in some areas? Should Affirmative Action for state university enrollment be continued? Should the primary method of public school funding (property taxes in individual school districts) be amended to create…...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Written and Unwritten Constitutions
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Codified and Uncodified Constitutions Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of written and unwritten types of constitutions. A constitution is a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or organization is governed, especially when embodying the rights of subjects. A constitution sets out how all the elements of Government are organized and how power is carved up among different political units. It contains rules about what power is wielded, who wields it and over…...
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Oath of Allegiance Where It Talks About Freedom and Justice
...Our society will always have flaws, people will always be let down, and our civil liberties will continue to be attacked. The attacks on civil libraries will always be similar to the attacks on civil liberties during WWI because our nation can’t fi...
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