A Thin Line Between Freedom and Security

Topics: Civil Liberties

There is a thin line between freedom and security. The United States of America has laws in place to protect citizens of their rights but what about providing security? Having the freedom to virtually do what we want puts a damper of being secure.  Sometimes citizens give up some of their privacy unintentionally in return for better security. For example, Apple could unlock my phone and they would have access to all my personal information if they don’t already. Because I choose to use the iPhone, I choose to give up some privacy for my own satisfaction even if it poses a security risk.

 In turn freedom may be scarified in order to provide adequate security.  There are some agencies that have access to an individual’s information at any given time. Companies have technologies in our cell phones that can our personal behaviors. They store are information on a device can fit in your pocket. If someone was to take possession of your phone, they potentially have access to all your information.

For example, Apple has software that can track your sleeping patterns, how fast your heart beats and your bank information all on the same device. This is a major security threat if the wrong person can access your device.

In terms of national security, potentially if a company needs to access your information it can lead into violating civil liberties. There are laws set in place to help protect citizens of them liberates but if the right information falls in the wrong hands it can be catastrophic.

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   In a perfect world liberty and security would be equal. There should be a balance of being able to live how you want and know that you are safe. The sad reality is that this is not true. The constitution was made to limit the government, so it can not threaten our freedoms but defend us. People are willing to sacrifice some freedoms for security. For example, Gun laws restrict who can by guns in turn that essentially limits gun violence. If we let who ever purchase a gun that security blanket disappears. Nicholas D. Kristof said, “The public is willing to compromise in its embrace of the Bill of Rights when it feels the need to adapt to heightened risk”.

We often overlook the security that the government provides by enforcing these laws but in reality, American’s are giving up a small amount of true freedom. If the government do not abuse their power and there are some fail safes in check American’s are willing to give up some freedom. If there is evidence of threats the government can use security cameras that are placed in public places to “spy” on the potential perpetrators. The use of social media is form of giving up freedom because it can be monitored by anyone. With modern technology developing at a great pace so are the vulnerabilities. Freedom of expression is a civil liberty that is somewhat dampened due to the nature of society today. Some people take full advantage of their right to express who they are, for example art and music. In security terms the government has laws in place that restricts individuals of that right when it involves national security. It can prevent the formation of hate groups or even terrorist organizations.

Freedom of speech is also a liberty that some people cannot fully participate in. If you were to join the military, your freedom to voice your opinions about anything is limited. You will not be allowed to talk negatively about the country in turn that will prevent the act of treason. National security protects our ability to exercise our rights. People may feel restricted sometimes but that is a small price to pay for further protection. Some people are willing to live a little restricted if it means they will be safer in return. The great debate between freedom and security all ties into my core values of Respect, Positivity and Education will all tie in to this topic. With positivity we can hope the government does not abuse their positions too violate our freedoms and grant us proper security. When we start to respect everyone’s privacy it’ll allow us to be more mindful of the threats, we have around us. We will be able to “weed” out the individuals that would cause harm to us. If we take time to educate ourselves on what we can do to increase security I think we’ll have the greatest freedom of all. With the knowledge of how to stay secure while living free can hopefully bring everyone together and bring love.

As a person whose house got broken in to when I was younger. I choose to have cameras trackers and weapons in my household for extra security just in case anything ever happens. This taught me to never too careful and always being ready. In conclusion, some freedom will have to scarified to be truly safe. Without security people will live in fear. In order to be free, we would need to feel safe or we would just be living with paranoia. Security will provide a sense of safety so that people will be have the freedom to live how they want. Thanks to security forces like the military and police offers we can feel somewhat safe. If it wasn’t for them giving up some of their freedom and security to protect ours we would have none.

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