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Why and How I Left Cheerleading
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My name is Khasmine Harris. I was born on November 12,1999 in Columbia,SC where I have lived for most of my life until the time I went to college in Gaffney,SC. I have three brothers and one sister on my dad’s side and one biological sister who lives with me, my mom and step-dad in Columbia. My mom is a teacher who graduated from the University of South Carolina and my step-dad is a cars salesman. I graduated from Spring…...
Cheerleading Is an Attractive Sport
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Morrie Schwartz provides numerous amounts of wisdom regarding materialism in Tuesdays with Morrie. Two of his quotes –– “I can tell you, as I’m sitting here dying, when you most need it, neither money nor power will give you the feeling you’re looking for, no matter how much of them you have,” (Pg. 125) and “But giving to other people is what makes me feel alive. Not my car or my house,” (Pg. 128) –– discuss his theories on this…...
My Path to Success in Cheerleading
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Introduction As I think back to my past experiences of playing physical games and sports, the memories reflect the evolution of growth, maturity, and the establishment of my self-identity. From climbing trees, swinging on swings, and sliding down the slides at the playground to playing tag, hide and go seek, and having dance competitions. Playing games with my sisters, neighborhood friends, or even by myself was how I developed my physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills as a child without…...
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Cheerleading Is Not as Easy as It Seems
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WE GOT SPIRIT, YES, WE DO!! WE GOT SPIRIT, HOW ABOUT YOU!!!? When thinking about a sport, the typical sports that come to one mind is football, basketball, baseball, and even soccer. All of which are considered some of America's favorite sports. When talking or thinking about cheerleading, it does not fit in the same category due to a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the lack of a primary target to execute with a ball included. According…...
You Can Call Cheerleading a Sport
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Pages • 2
WE GOT SPIRIT, YES, WE DO!!WE GOT SPIRIT HOW ABOUT YOU!!? When people hear the word “Cheerleading”, the first thing that comes to mind is girls in short skirts, pom poms, jumping around and sideline cheers. In society today, no one can deny the huge amount of flexibility, skill, endurance, athleticism that involves cheerleading, but can it rightfully be describe as a “sport”? There is no definite definition of a sport. Throughout this essay, my objective is to prove that…...
Informative Cheerleading Speech
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Paper Type:Informative essays
I. Introduction. GO! FIGHT! WIN! Are three main words that we as cheerleaders use when we practice our sport. Cheerleaders in the united states use many different styles, stunts, yells, chants and many other motions that are meant to entertain the crowd or prep up the team. Personally, cheerleading is the best sport that one can get involved in. From front hand springs to sideline motions, cheering can open up numerous opportunities that we all only can imagine. Cheering can…...
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I am doing my project over cheerleading Cheerleading has a bunch of
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I am doing my project over cheerleading. Cheerleading has a bunch of different quantities of genetics and different measurements than I very much thought it would. There are a lot of things you have to learn and know to be able to do dangerous things in cheerleading.Stunting is a very important thing in cheerleading. Stunting helps with muscles and quick learning . It can also help with a lot of other things also like accuracy , velocity , reflexes and…...
Process Analysis: Cheerleading
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As a part of being a cheerleader for 17 years you acquire many new and sometimes frightening skills. The forward roll is one of the more basic skills, and the skills get more difficult ranging from the cartwheel and back-walkover all the way to the standing full. We are going to focus on my favorite; the back-handspring. To do this skill you need: killer leg and arm support, stomach muscles like no other, an I can do this attitude, daredevil…...
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Why and How I Left Cheerleading
...Also, social work is the #1 major at Limestone College. I loved the coach and evaluated the workouts he would have for us throughout the season and they seemed progressive. I made my decision and was ready to commit at the end of cross country season...
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